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Thread: VH1's I Married .....

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    VH1's I Married .....

    VH1's I Married Show link

    I caught two of these shows over the weekend, and really enjoyed them. I found it interesting how different the marriages were between Sammy Hagar and his wife, and Uncle Kracker and his wife. Really loved the Uncle Kracker episode, and fell madly in love with Uncle and his feisty, fun, tom-boyish wife. Don't get me wrong ... I got nothin' but love for Sammy Hagar .... but there's something about him and his wife's marriage that just made me roll my eyes and think "ugh". It's not the same. Uncle and his wife seem like true soul mates. Sammy's wife gives off the gold-digger/what-can-he-do-for-me vibe.

    Here's a list of episodes VH1's showing of the "I Married ..." series:

    MC Hammer (Hmmm, interesting .. I didn't even know he was married)
    Darius Rucker (Seems like a cool guy! Can't help but call him "Hootie" though, which he hates)
    Omarosa (What? Ick!)
    Carnie Wilson (Little annoying, yet harmless)
    Sebastian Bach (Used to be waaaay too pretty ...)
    Uncle Kracker ( Can I hang with you guys? )
    Sammy Hagar (Good luck with that ... cute kids, tho! Had a blast at Cabo Wabo!)

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    The only one I saw was Omarosa, and that was back when it first aired. It was not long after The Apprentice, and I was an Omarosa fan, so I had to watch. It was actually pretty interesting, and she's not the wench that everyone thinks she is. Her husband's a nice guy too.

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