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Thread: PoweR Girls (MTV)

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    PoweR Girls (MTV)

    The life of a PoweR Girl at Lizzie Grubman's New York City PR firm is sometimes glamorous, sometimes stressful but always exciting. Watch as Rachel, Kelly, Millie and Ali plan nightclub openings and album launches, hobnob with celebrities, wrangle the paparazzi, pitch Page Six and shop, all while fighting for a permanent spot on Lizzie's team. Don't miss the drama take over their lives as these four young ladies try to take over the celebrity party circuit all under the watchful eye of Lizzie on PoweR Girls.

    Premieres March 10 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT MTV

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    February 24, 2005 -- THANKS to the topsy-turvy world of reality TV, now even power publicist Lizzie Grubman has a publicist to help promote her new MTV show, "PoweR Girls."
    The series follows Grubman and four of the youngest PR babes working at her agency, Lizzie Grubman Public Relations, as they negotiate the rocky and frequently less-than-glamorous waters of the entertainment industry.

    "You see the dynamics of these girls' personal lives, how frustrating it is to have real, high-pressure jobs and to be put to the test at such a young age," Grubman said yesterday in a hastily scheduled chat that actually needed to be arranged through the show's MTV publicist.

    The show, which was filmed last spring and summer, debuts March 10 and will take viewers behind the scenes at star-studded events and functions for Grubman's clients who include artists like Ja Rule and Jay Z and corporations like MGM Grand and Sony.

    "I give them the opportunity to work really hard at a really young age," says Grubman of the young publicists on which the show focuses: Kelly Brady, Rachel Krupa, Ali Zweben and Millie Monyo.

    All four are between the ages of 23 and 25 and have diverse backgrounds, ranging from an Ivy Leaguer to a free-spirited California girl.

    All four worked for Grubman for at least a year or two before filming on the show started.

    "There's going to be a big misconception out there that these girls were cast for the show, and they clearly weren't," she says.

    Grubman, who had no control over the finished product, is featured throughout the series and says she's more of an older sister to the girls than a slave-driving boss. She also says she's nervous now that the series is about to debut.

    "My feeling is that you're not going to learn anything if you're micromanaged, so I let these girls run the events," she says. "I watch everything to make sure they're doing everything right, and obviously if they're potentially going to mess up, I'm there to save the day.

    "I really think that it's a young [version of] 'Sex and the City,' " says Grubman. "All these girls in America are going to be able to relate to one of my girls there's somebody for everybody."

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    This show looks dumb.. but like the old saying goes.. "don't judge a book by it's cover" I thought "My Super Sweet 16" and "Laguna Beach" were going to be dumb too, but I liked both shows. so who knows? I might just like this.

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    March 9, 2005 -- PoweR Girls
    Tomorrow night at 10:30 on MTV
    Several years ago, the lives and times of Lizzie Grubman and other hot-shot PR "power girls" were featured on the cover of New York magazine.

    The article was such a pass-around hit that Columbia Pictures bought the rights in hopes of developing it into a movie. Or so the story went.

    Some behind-the-scenes backstabbers, however, gossiped that Lizzie's dad, entertainment attorney Allen Grubman, intervened to have the project killed so that the embarrassing article could never be made into a movie.

    Compared to what actually happened in his daughter's life, the article now seems like a Mother Teresa biography.

    Seven years, many run-over club goers, thousands of stories and one jail sentence later, Grubman's life is not a movie but an MTV reality series, "PoweR Girls," starting tonight.

    Why, oh, why? Because every scandal-plagued blonde must, by law, have her own reality series, that's why. Like, Gawd - you didn't know that?

    At least Grubman, unlike many of the other reality show blondes, actually works - and works hard - for a living, as the show proves.

    "PoweR Girls" follows the public-relations whiz kid and four of her best-looking staffers as they plan parties and hone their skills as - their term - "professional a**-kissers" to celebrities at various stages of their fleeting fame.

    The show also proves once and for all that hard work and a college degree doesn't mean that you can't also be horribly shallow - and, in some cases, downright dopey and positively inarticulate.

    But then again, when your life and job revolve around making sure that celebs get into nightclubs and then making sure that they get into the paper the next day for being in those nightclubs, chances are that you won't be mistaken for a brain surgeon. (Not that a brain surgeon who isn't dating Pamela Anderson would be let into one of these clubs anyway.)

    Not exactly riveting TV, but certainly watchable if you've always wondered how a story makes it to the gossip pages.

    And yes, they (the clients and relentless self-promoters) are all here in fleeting glimpses - Ja Rule, P. Diddy and, of course, Paris Hilton, a woman genetically incapable of staying away from a camera (even in the privacy of her own - or anyone else's - bedroom).

    Lizzie's girls are shown on the job, working hard, making mistakes, shopping and acting dopey. And Lizzie, shockingly, is shown dissing them when they're out of earshot. She even says one of the girls' boyfriends is "not cute." Not good. Why? So she can sound more interesting to the cameras following her around? She doesn't.

    "PoweR Girls" is the culmination of the celebrity-crazed times we live in, when even a publicist can become a celebrity like Lizzie, Our Lady of the Hamptons.

    So much for the axiom about how a publicist, like a reporter, should never become the story.

    Lizzie's big-ticket clients, however, might not be so thrilled to be basking in the shadow of her hot lights.

    Or maybe they'll become more famous by having such a famous PoweR Girl behind them.

    Meet Lizzie's 'Girls'

    Southern California blonde. Paris Hilton is her god. Wanted to be a model. Loves learning new make-up tricks.

    Started out wanting to be a weather girl. From Michigan. Handles accounts for nightclubs and sports.

    Jersey girl. Worked for Lizzie as an intern without pay for six months before being hired. Big-time foodie.

    Grew up in downtown Manhattan. Father is an African chief. Lives at home. Looking hard for a boyfriend.

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    Did anybody watch? I really liked it! Very interesting.

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    March 14, 2005 --
    THE life and times of ce lebrity publicist Lizzie Grubman got off to a slow ratings start.

    The debut of Grubman's MTV reality show, "PoweR Girls," Thursday night drew just 1.2 million viewers.

    That's about the same number of people drawn to MTV reruns.

    "PoweR Girls" which follows PR princess Grubman and four of her assitants as they plan parties and publicity for celeb clients like Ja Rule and P. Diddy was heavily promoted by the network, which is looking for a new reality star to replace Ozzie Osbourne and Jessica Simpson, who are no longer making new episodes. Post staff writer

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    I watched the first episode....totally found it by chance. I enjoyed it.

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    I felt myself get a little hooked to this show at first, but I forced myself to turn it off because of Lizzie Grubman. I decided that I refuse to watch her show, hence give her money. This is the same woman that purposely backed her SUV into a group of people at a party. IMO I feel like she doesn't deserve to have the show, and I myself won't profit her. I do hope you guys enjoy though it seems like a good show.

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    Caught repeats of ep 1 and 2 or was it the premiere. Anyway much better than Diddy's Making the Band 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guillermoluvsme
    I felt myself get a little hooked to this show at first, but I forced myself to turn it off because of Lizzie Grubman. I decided that I refuse to watch her show, hence give her money. This is the same woman that purposely backed her SUV into a group of people at a party. IMO I feel like she doesn't deserve to have the show, and I myself won't profit her. I do hope you guys enjoy though it seems like a good show.
    I haven't seen the show. Nor do I intend to. The above quote pretty much sums it up for me, too. Little Miss Rich Girl's publicity train only works if people pay attention. But if we ignore her, just maybe she'll go away...and stay away. I can only hope.

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