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Thread: Ty to Go Under The Knife

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    Ty to Go Under The Knife

    January 19, 2005 --
    'EXTREME Makeover" guru Ty Pennington underwent an appendectomy over the weekend while in his hometown of Atlanta shooting the show.

    Pennington was in Atlanta, preparing for an upcoming episode, when he was stricken and taken to the hospital, where doctors removed his perforated appendix.

    Ever the trouper, Pennington will continue to oversee the show and his design team but from his hospital bed.

    "I don't want to let the family down, and all of us with the show want to give them the new house they deserve," Pennington said.

    "Thanks to phones and emails, I will be able to maintain my part by giving input to the other designers and discussing our plans for the house.

    "I am just so glad this happened in Atlanta, where I have so much support from my family and friends."

    No word on when Pennington will return to the set of the hit ABC show. Michael Starr

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    Oh man I feel sorry for him. But hey at least he is close to home...pretty cool he is about 4 hours from me...might need to make a visit to my family in hot lanta. Just kidding!!

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    Ty is back from the Hospital and on set

    I attended day 6 of the Atlanta Georgia house construction. Ty apparently came back in dramatic fashion in an ambulance on day 5. He was running around being filmed in various scenes during the 3 hours that I was at the set. He didn't appear to be in any pain other than his normally strained look that he has when he is on the show. The construction is going very well and should be completely finished by Sunday morning. The family should be coming in around 2 to 3 pm for the reveal. I didn't see the original home before it was demolished but the new one is clearly the most expensive home in the neighborhood by a factor of 7 or 8 times. The house is extravagent, the family will be proud to be the owners of it for sure. It is very impressive to see the logistics of how all of this works behind the scenes. It is amazing to see all the neighbors yards and some backyards covered with various tents, equipment and etc. Great Job Ty for coming back and Extreme Makeover team for making yet another deserving family's life much better.

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    Altus, thanks so much for sharing the behind-the-scenes info with us. I would love to be able to witness the miracle of seeing these angels at work. Glad to hear Ty is back to normal...well, normal for him, that is.
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    Ty to Go Under the Knife

    I will be attending the reveal on the Atlanta House tommorrow for the day 7 activities. From the people I spoke to the house should be turned over to the designers in the morning about 0700-0800. The family from what I have heard should be getting back from Disneyland around 1200. The reveal tentatively should be around 1400-1500 (2pm-3pm) if all goes well. I am looking forward to seeing it. Each time they do it on a show it appears to be a really good time had by all involved. I bet these lucky individuals will be in for the shock of their lives when they see the new home, it is incredible. They definitely will be the talk of Atlanta after the reveal and especially after the show airs in March. Again, Great Job Extreme Makeover team, Sears and congratulations to the family who is receiving this great gift.

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    How can I be apart of a show..like waiting outside at the ending. I know they will be coming to NC soon cause they had a casting call for families in NC and now it is gone. I was just wondering how did you go about finding it and how can I go about it in the future

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    Yeah I heard about that!! ... Hope he's doing better. I know he'll get thru it ...! ...
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    Harper Family -Atlanta GA - airs in March

    I attended the reveal for the Harper Family in Atlanta,GA this past sunday. It was well worth going to. If you have a chance to go to a taping in your area, by all means go to it. This deserving family got a really nice home. I am really looking forward to seeing the show in March when it airs. The part when the bus rolls away and the family sees the home is incredible. The family basically goes into shock when they see the home. I personally would of been speechless if it were me. These fortunate individuals got the largest home so far that the show has built. This house is around 5300 square feet. It is a truly remarkable house from what I can see from outside.

    If you want to look at it : www.beazer.com

    As far as knowing where the locations are and when they are filming. I dont know. I found out from our local news that they were filming but they would not disclose the location with the exception of the city. The city was small so I went there and was going to check with the fire dept, I didnt see any so I stopped at the next most logical place. You know that movie sets always need donuts so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and they knew exactly where it was being filmed.

    They try to set up parking for spectators nearby so you can walk to the location from there. They had shuttle buses going to the set on the day of the review to keep foot traffic down.

    The set is open for you to stand behind the barricades which normally is just across the street. You can see plenty from the sidelines, the designers come out now and then and the crowd gets excited. Ty causes the most excitement whenever he comes out.

    My take from the designers who were there:

    Paul DiMeo is very good on camera but shys away from the crowd when on set. Very rarely does he interact off camera with the crowd. He appears shy, I think that he is just a more private person than the others.

    Michael Moloney is the biggest ham out there. He comes out and greets the crowd. He works the crowd well. The two days I was there, he got lots of face time with the crowd.

    Preston Sharp was not present for this episode. Too bad since I would of loved to see his exchanges with the crowd.

    Constance Ramos seems to be a nice person. She is a very snazzy dresser, nice heels. Very attractive and personable from what I could tell.

    Ed Sanders is also another ham on the set. Didnt get to see him too much but each time he was pretty funny. Seems like a nice guy.

    Eduardo Xol was on this show and appears to be very approachable. He is new to the cast coming over from Trading Places- family edition and does well with the crowd. Seems a little overwhelmed with the crowd, but he looks as if he fits in well with the designers.

    Ty Pennington is the biggest ham for sure. He was working the last 3 days even though he had surgery for his appendix earlier in the week. He really works the crowd. When he walks out the crowd goes wild. He appears to be a very personable and great individual from my observations of him. He seems like a very down to earth type of person.

    The designers, crew, builders, Sears, all did an exceptional job making this deserving family a home that they will be proud to live in.

    To All at Extreme Makeover -Home Edition, Keep up the great work and keep helping all those deserving families across America. Its great to see programming that is worth watching in this age of sensationalism and violence.

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    Thanks for all that info Altus!

    Welcome to the FORT!

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    Hope Ty is feeling better and is having a quick recovery.
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