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Thread: EM:HE Preview 01/16: The Anderson Family

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    My fav, other than that hunk Ty of course, is Michael. I kind of missed him last night.
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    I don't miss Michael a bit, but I am looking forward to seeing Paul again.

    I thought the wedding was a bit presumptuous, but the bride and groom didn't seem to mind. Nice of them to retire the jersey.

    It was kind of cool to see the team finally miss a deadline. And it didn't take much persuasion to keep the family in the Bahamas for an extra day. Cordney's "science" room was pretty sweet.

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    Paul is the heart of the show, but he's got to be exhausted by now!

    Michael? Not so much. Connie? She also gets on my nerves a bit sometimes.

    Paige seems like a real softie. She and Paul always seem to be the ones who can hardly control their reactions to these stories.

    Ed is working out better than I'd have guessed. I actually think his somewhat homely appearance is kind of nice relief to all of the others, because most of them are a bit too pretty (even Paul isn't bad looking when shaved).

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    I am also wondering where Paul is and thought AIWANNABE's link was to that, but it kept bringing me back here. Can anyone answer whether he will be back or provide a link?
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