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Thread: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-The Dore Family 1/9/05

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    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-The Dore Family 1/9/05

    This week we will visit the Dore family in Washington State. Roseanne and her three daughters have been living in a shack on their property since a space heater sent their house up in flames nine months ago. All their possessions were lost and they did not have enough insurance coverage to rebuild. They share one bedroom, cook on propane stoves and have an outhouse for a bathroom. They rely on friends for showers and sometimes a warm bed. The family used to be very close and now they are scattered simply to survive.




    This week the team heads over to the peninsula in a boat instead of the usual bus and disembarks in ATV's. They roll up to find the burned out shell of their house. Quietly the usual team plus new member named Ed assembled on the lawn in front of the makeshift house. Ty cranks up the bullhorn and brings the Dore ladies running to meet them joyfully stunned. Roseanne is beaming when Ty tells them they will be spending a week in Orlando at as they wait for the construction of their new house to be completed. Then the team gets their first look at the inside of the meager dwelling that this family has inhabited since the fire. Each of them is touched at the conditions these ladies have had to endure for so long. They have no heat, running water and no kitchen. It is not a home. Roseanne serves school lunches for a living and her income affords no way to rebuild. This teams is in the right place.

    [IMG]images/img/WakeupCallB.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/SurprisedFamily.jpg[/img]


    The team wants to give each of them rooms of their own that reflect their interests. Ariel plans to be an interior designer and Ty says he might actually have a job for her in the future after seeing her artwork. Jessica is into sailing and that sets the tone for her room. Sara is the snowboarder in her family. Roseanne will certainly have a better bedroom when she returns. Ty sends them on their way.

    There was not much left to salvage from the fire, but Preston found a kitchen table that will find new life by the time the family comes home. Ty is not just taking on a secret room this week. He is planning a secret wing. More details to be revealed later.

    Ty was out and about looking for some demolition help and he wondered upon a navy submarine that had one hundred and sixty five pairs of hands that were fired up to help out. They rolled up to the site and then the big equipment showed up with the contractors to take care of the big sections. These were the biggest machines I have ever seen. The family watched on via TyMail laptop style as the old house and meager shed were knocked to the ground. Clearly mixed emotions were stirred as they looked on. Ultimately they seemed happy. Roseanne said she just wanted to give them all a hug and she could not imagine what they would come up with.

    The Centex construction crew poured the foundation and framed out the floor quickly and the walls started going up. Ed was sure the house would be complete by the end of the day, never mind seven. He is new. He will learn.

    Ty thought it would be funny to trick the family by telling them that they would actually be living in a giant one-room tent since he knew they liked camping. Roseanne said that made her nervous as she laughed.

    On day four the house looks near completion. The house has been fireproofed as mush as possible. All the materials used are fire retardant. There is a top of the line smart zoned sprinkler system that will detect where fire is and put in out in that room before it can spread and prevent any further fire damage while minimizing any water damage in other areas.

    Michael heads over to Sears to replace all the items the ladies lost in the fire. He decks out the kitchen with everything they need to cook up a storm. He chooses linens for the bedrooms and more. Preston found a letterpress for Ariel to use in her designs. Ed and Preston took over the den. While Ed builds the massive bookshelves, Preston refurbishes the table that came from the rubble.

    On day five there is rain in the Seattle area. Imagine that. It is the first day of rain but that does not halt the progress on this structure. These workers press on unfazed.

    Day six arrives everything is really coming together. Each of the ladies rooms is taking on their personalities. All they need now is furniture. Ed brings in a crew of lady rugby players to move it all in.

    Ed's shelf project is looking like a bigger chore than anticipated. He advises against adding twelve-foot book shelves to any home and is not sure how they will even fit in the house once built. Next time he will think twice before listening to Preston's advice on the scale of any furniture.

    As is the custom, the entire community is assembled to help the family celebrate their new home. Since the team had no bus, they used a fire truck to block the view of the house. When it was rolled away the family was understandably stunned. The design team and the family had an emotional hug fest. As the family entered the enormous home they noticed every detail. Roseanne really appreciated the care they took with Grandma's dinning table and the use of it in the den. They love the huge open layout of the home. Jessica marveled over the kitchen and dreamed of the possibilities of cooking there.

    [IMG]images/img/FirstLookTwoA.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/FrontHouseA.jpg[/IMG]





    Jessica is the first to see her room and says it is exactly what she wanted. Even better than the sailing motif is having a private bathroom. She is very pleased.


    Sara enters her room and is amazed at the ski lift in her room and her own bath. She declares it wonderful!


    Ariel finds her room filled with the ultimate design computer full of useful software. She totally digs the letterpress.


    Roseanne marvels at the look-through fireplace in her bedroom and bathroom. It is very elegant. There will be no more sharing bedrooms or outhouses for these ladies.



    There is more to see. Ty built The Phoenix Bed and Breakfast to complete a long time dream of the family. There are two rooms, each with their own theme. One is a rugged log cabin and the other is a very modern black and white picture clad room.


    Ty informs them that it is not over yet. He takes them outside to a campfire area for the family to enjoy the outdoors together. The design team joins them for hugs and smiles. Then Doug and Tim from Centex join the group to tell the family that they employees and the community have collected over seventy thousand dollars for the girl's education fund. Roseanne is shocked at the news and Jessica is overwhelmed that she gets to go to college. They are so grateful for these gifts and the ability to join together as a family again.



    Join us again next week for another amazing transformation.
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    Feifer. I only saw a few minutes of tonight's How'd They Do That show. I did learn that in addition, the Dores got a 14 foot sailboat and Centex provided them with homeowner's insurance and paid off the remaining mortgage from the burnt out home.

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    That rocks! I love when they pull out all the stops. That family should want for nothing.
    It occurred to me that no matter how bleak things might seem at times, at least I have a head. ----Stargazer

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    Good recap Feif!

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    Great recap!

    Loved the show.....glad to see this family happy once again. What a beautiful house they have now to enjoy.....the kitchen is to die for and love all the pretty furniture/accesories/lighting/paintings/wall coverings.

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