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Thread: Strange Love w/ Flavor Flav & Brigitte Nielsen

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    What is it with her and those baseball caps? I was almost expecting her to wear one at the dinner party.

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    Foofy Foofy? I wish she would call him FaFa Phooie.

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    i admire their love because it is so unique. they are both from two different worlds and some how they found love. you can tell that he cares for her in a deep way and will do anything to get her. that is kind of love that i want to have one day. i almost did but i play too many games.

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    I stumbled onto this show about a week ago. I'm hopelessly hooked. This relationship is so improbable. But blast it all...I can't. stop. looking.......

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    what a HORRID show. I refuse to watch it, Flav and Brig act so CRUEL and mean. I hope they axe the show soon, because it's one of the worst shows I've seen since "I'm a Celebrity- Get Me outta Here!"

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    This show is definitely aptly titled "Strange". I've seen a couple episodes and feel as if I can't turn away, all the while having a strained spoiled lemon look on my face
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    I'd bet money that this is as far from reality as it gets. It's much too contrived and probbably even scripted. I enjoy watching just for their antics and while I don't doubt they have an affection for each other I'm pretty sure it doesn't go beyond friendship (ok, maybe friends with benefits). I would imagine they are being paid a pretty penny and if Brig is willing to share it with her fiance I can see him going along with it. It's much like someone married to an actor who has to do a kissing scene - it's just show business. I don't think Mattia has anything to worry about (maybe even HE'S a contrived 'character - who knows).

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    Appearantly she married matias in the dominican republic.

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