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Thread: "Take It Off!" on Food Network. Anyone watch?

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    "Take It Off!" on Food Network. Anyone watch?

    I saw the first ep this past Sunday and it was pretty good seeing how ordinary people do in ttrying to lose weight. Food Network's "Calorie Commando" Juan-Carlos Cruz, fitness expert Scott Cole and nutritionist Tanya Remer Altman are the team that helps the people in their efforts to lose weight in a 3-month period for a big event in their lives. The first episode will rerun on Saturday January 8 at 4 PM Eastern and Sunday January 9 at 5 PM Eastern.
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    I watched it. That nite they also ran Fat Spa Chef (really likes the chef and his recipes) and something about the low carb craze. I like these shows and hope they continue. The one with the FAt Spa Chef I really liked cause the 3 people loosing weight were a wife and hubby and the chef. The husband and Chef reached their goals but the wife didn't and she was really dissappointed. But after listening to her confessionals, she really wasn't ready to be successful, she was really cheating. If you cheat don't be surprised if the weight doesn't come off. She was making so many excuses that I wanted to hit her.

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