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Thread: EM:HE Preview 01/09: The Dore Family

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    Anyone who knows me, knows I have a weakness for a Brit (i.e., Dominic Keating -- that English architect from Boston, etc.) and while I do like the British carpenter -- I MISS PAUL!!!

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    Mio and Reo
    I came here with the same question...where is Paul? Did they give any indication?
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    It seems that the team members rotate in and out as needed. I am sure hey have different family obligations and personal travel plans that prohibit them for being at every show. Constance, Tracey and Paul are not always there. I like that they keep adding people as needed. I have not seen any indication of anyone leaving the show permanently. I could be wrong.
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    They better not get rid of Paul,he's my favorite! It also helps he grew up in my town.=)

    I know they rotate designers in and out, it looks like in the previews that Ben is there again next week. I'm hoping Paul just needed a vacation. They should have Paul and Ben, i liked them both!
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    Ben? Isn't his name Ed? I'm sure we'll see Paul next time.

    Really great episode! Mariner and senrik - that sure is beautiful country out your way. And I'm really enjoying the Monday night follow-up show "How Did They Do That?" One hour just isn't enough to do justice to all the work they do.

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