Seven Sins. One Casino.

This new real-life series offers the ultimate insiders look at Las Vegas' hottest resort and casino. CAESARS 24/7 will focus on the trials, triumphs and tribulations of a compelling cast of Las Vegas characters, including a regular cast of Caesars Palace employees and a revolving cast of wide-eyed tourists, first-time gamblers, sophisticated high rollers and other visitors of all descriptions who come to party in the world's most famous adult playground.

Viewers will experience the Entertainment Capital of the World as they have never seen it before - through the eyes of the indomitable pit boss, the savvy sports book oddsmaker, the tactful hotel concierge, glamorous showgirls, imperious high-rollers, excited low-rollers, Vegas newlyweds and any number of the 60,000 visitors and employees who pass through the marbled hallways of Caesars Palace each day.

Encompassing more than 80 acres right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, Caesars Palace employs over 5,000 people to service more than 2,400 guest rooms as well as five wedding chapels, 22 restaurants and a five-acre swimming pool complex, providing a perfect backdrop for non-stop action.

Premiering on A&E on January 10!