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Thread: Big Man on Campus

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    Big Man on Campus


    Here we go... The Bachelor for the young. *sigh* The goal isn't marriage on this one, is it????

    The WB's new 'Big Man On Campus' reality dating series to premiere December 15

    By Steve Rogers, 12/08/2004

    What would happen if you cast a college student as the star of ABC's The Bachelor, added a couple of minor twists, and then moved the show's setting to a college campus setting? Viewers will find out soon -- The WB will premiere Big Man On Campus, a new six-episode reality relationship series from Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, on Wednesday, December 15 at 8PM ET/PT.


    When Big Man On Campus was first announced back in February, Fleiss made a point to tell Daily Variety that BMOC wouldn't just be "a younger version of The Bachelor." However, based on the show information released by The WB so far, Big Man On Campus certainly appears to be -- except for the contestants ages and its bachelor selection process -- quite similar to its long-running ABC reality show sibling.

    Big Man On Campus was filmed on the University of Central Florida's Orlando campus, where Fleiss and his production team searched among the university's 41,000 students to find fifteen college women looking for love. After learning they'd been selected for the program, the co-eds discovered (similar to The Bachelor's just completed sixth edition) that they (and not the show's producers) would be determining who would star as the "Big Man On Campus."

    However, unlike on the most recent The Bachelor edition, the women would not be limited to choosing from among two predetermined men, instead the women were allowed to select from among any of the school's male students. And with The Bachelor's more mature men having delivered a pitiful 0-for-5 relationship record, the producer's didn't even attempt to make a legitimate desire to get involved in a long-term relationship a priority for BMOC's college students -- instead the women were simply tasked with "finding the hottest guy at the university."

    After presumably selecting their "big man" based primarily on looks, the women (who apparently must themselves be "all beauty, no brains" if, as The WB claims, they didn't see the next "twist" coming) then "discovered" that (surprise, surprise) the reality show that they had agreed to participate in had not just abruptly ended and that they would then compete for the affection of their selected bachelor as he attempted to find his "perfect match" among them.

    Billed as "the ultimate collegiate wish fulfillment dating series," Big Man On Campus will feature (Bachelor-style) its male contestant getting to know the fifteen young women via (stop me if you've heard this before) a series of group and one-on-one romantic dates and gatherings as he attempts to find his "Campus Queen." Among the special outings will be pool, toga, and slumber parties, as well as a bikini car wash, a football game, and tailgating at the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium.

    Along the way, BMOC will utilize a Bachelor-like gradual elimination process until only one woman remains. Rather than roses, Big Man's elimination ceremony will center around fraternity-type pins. After giving pins to the ten women finalists selected during his initial ceremony, subsequent ceremonies will consist of BMOC's bachelor asking his eliminated women to return their pins. Along the way, BMOC's bachelor will also meet the women's parents, who will attempt to make sure he is the right man for their daughter, with Big Man On Campus concluding with its male lead presenting his "final pin" to the girl who captured his heart.

    Big Man On Campus is produced by Fleiss' Next Entertainment in association with Telepictures Productions and executive produced by Mike Fleiss. Leslie Radakovich is co-executive producer, with Tracy Mazuer serving as supervising producer.
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    Anybody catch it?

    I thought it was surprisingly pretty good.

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    Yes, I saw it! I was flipping stations and caught it. (That's actually how I got hooked on the first season of The Bachelor.
    The knife incident What did you think of Billy throwing that girl in the pool? I guess her dress was ruined.

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    I caught about 10 minutes of this and thought it would be ok, then the freakin phone rang and I ended up accidentally deleting my recording of it I'll have to watch next week just to see if I like it or not. Funny, they were doing it here in town and I had zero clue about it till I saw it on tv...shows ya how much I get out I guess.

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    I have a feeling the judges are going to be the annoying part of the show. I will watch because: pretty girls + competition = me watching .... every single time.

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    I can't believe I watched it. These women make the Real World Las Vegas cast seem like physicists. Then again, I'm not a dude.
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    This is sooooooooo much better than the Bachelor. Its funny, exciting, and hot girls! There is also competitions!

    Tonights episode was pretty good. I am shocked how suprisingly dumb some of the girls are though hehe. "When was the war of 1812 fought?" ...Answer...um um ...1816? I was LMFAO.
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    My question is what was with the girl with the huge bandage on her arm? Is it something she is hiding? Is it some serious arm injury? Why did no one mention it? Very odd, that. If I saw some pretty girl in an expensive strapless gown all done up with a big gauze wrapping around her arm I would at least be like " Hey! How's the arm?" SOMETHING! What is up?
    Is probably over in the transcribing thread for Big Brother til death do us part.

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    Whhhhaaaaat? LMAO

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    well obviously you missed the first episode..because morgan was cutting vegatables and when she turned around she accidently cut Kat(one with bandage) in the arm...and so thats why she has that on her arm...so everyone knows about it

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