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Thread: 12/6 The Swan Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    FORT Fogey
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    I can see Sylvia as the wild card for the pageant. She beats at least 2 of the other women with her makeover.

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    I hope they can teach Marsha to stand up straight before the pageant. She still carries that insecure slump, which was just made more prominent by her strapless dress. I agree though, it was refreshing to see that both women retained a good measure of their original looks. For a while there, it looked like the plastic surgeons were just using some formulaic porn star approach to everyone's faces. I've honestly thought that for a couple of these women, a good new hairstyle and some dermatology and excercise was all they really needed. And a big yay for the first Swan (Sylvia) not to get a boob job!

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    i think marsha turned out real pretty. imo, she's one of the top 3 going to the pageant.

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    I think your probably right because she looked pretty.

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    If Texie doesn't mind... I just wanted to put the before/after pics side by side so we can see in one shot just how big the difference was.


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    The Swan Show Discussion

    I am happy for Marsha,this week's winner of a place in the Pageant. She dealt with her issues,which enhanced the beauty that was brought out by the surgery and body shaping. Sylvia's transformation was wonderful to watch,as well. Marsha had just one slight problem after her reveal,and maybe it was only due to the shock of seeing herself after 3 months,but she didn't stand as tall as I expected to see. It was like she was still in her shell; after all the work done on her,and by her own therapy & coaching sessions,she still didn't have the true confidence to stand straight. I hope that she does get more coaching and is truly ready for the pageant in 2 weeks.

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    The doctors did a great job with Sylvia - she's really just a fresher, more vibrant version of her old self. And I really like her hair.
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    Marsha, wow!

    How did Marsha's boobs look? Did they look good? You can't really see in the picture.

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