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Thread: Love Is In The Heir

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    I admit it, I saw it yesterday. It's obviously scripted and none of it is real but it's soo funny, in a weird, guilty pleasure type of way.
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    Ann Claire's a fake

    I'm confused... Please let this show be fake because if it isn't then it's just a blatant lie. THERE IS NOT PRINCESS ANN CLAIRE OR IRAN!!! I am and Iraninan and I know this for sure. The fact that this annoying little brat is prancing around and calling herself the princess of Iran is really annoying and embarassing. This show is just so f*cked up!

    Real Iranian royal family

    Wives and Children
    Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was married three times.

    His first wife was Princess Fawzia of Egypt (born: November 5, 1921), the dazzlingly beautiful daughter of King Fuad I of Egypt and his wife, Nazli Sabri, and a sister of the notorious King Farouk I of Egypt; they married in 1939 and divorced in 1948, after her failure to produce an heir to the throne. They had one daughter, Shahnaz Pahlavi (born: October 27, 1940).

    His second wife was Soraya Esfandiary Bakhtiari (June 22, 1932-October 26, 2001), daughter of Khalil Esfandiary Bakhtiari, Ambassador of Iran to the Federal Republic of Germany, and his German wife, Eva Karl; they married in 1951 and divorced in 1958 when it became apparent that she could not bear children. (Given the title Princess Soraya of Iran after the divorce, she briefly debuted as a film actress, appearing in the 1965 movie "Three Faces of a Woman," and became mistress of its Italian director Franco Indovina, 1932-1972.)

    The Shah's third wife was Farah Diba (born: October 14, 1938), daughter of Sohrab Diba, Captain in the Imperial Iranian Army, and his wife, Faredeh Ghotbi. They were married in 1959, and Farah was created Shahbanu, or Empress, a title created especially for her (previous royal consorts had been known as Malake, or Queen); she bore him four children:

    Reza Pahlavi II, his Crown Prince (born: October 31, 1960)
    Farahnaz Pahlavi(born: March 12, 1963)
    Ali Reza Pahlavi (born: April 28, 1966)
    Leila Pahlavi (March 27, 1970 - June 10, 2001)

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    Sunrise, I asked my relatives (also Iranian) and Ann Claire is the niece of one of one of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's wives. So technically, even if Iran was still a monarchy, Ann Claire wouldn't be "the princess of Iran." I just wanted to clarify, although I see your point, she's totally giving Iranians a bad name! Bugs the crap out of me.
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    I don't think that there are many people that are sterotyping Iranians as a result of watching this show anymore than there are many people sterotyping white girls as a result of watching Paris Hilton.

    Saw the last 20 minutes of the most recent epsiode, first that I have seen since the first episode. Those two girls were probably never in a boxing gym before in their lives. I don't think I have ever been in a boxing gym. They went and bought those outfits just for the patty cake footage, lol. The 'boyfriend' with the painted face, could happen, could happen, not. This show is so bad it is actually moderatelly amusing. It's like reading the "Nancy" comic before Plastino retired.

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    Yeah, this Princess Ann Claire is legit for the most part.

    According to http://www.4dw.net/royalark/Persia/pahlavi2.htm

    a) H.H. Prince (Vala Gohar) Shahboz Pahlbod. b. at Tehran, 6th December 1946, educ. m. 11th January 1969, H.H. Princess (Vala Gohari) Boutoudine Pahlbod (b. September 1946), née Beatrice Young. He had issue, three daughters:
    i) Anahita Pahlbod [Ann Claire Van Shaick]. b. at Tehran, July 1973. Actress and model.
    ii) Mandana Pahlbod. b. 1976.
    iii) Mitra Pahlbod. b. 1978.

    If you wanna look for yourself, scroll down about 3/4 of the way down to daughter number 2, Princess Shams Pahlavi.

    With that being said, I must be in the minority because I don't believe this show is that bad. Obviously it wouldn't survive on any other network except E!, but it's intriguing to watch her stubborn and annoying nature. And I feel bad for her hired help, Michael, for putting up with her, although he seems to be getting the can according to previews for the next episode.

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    I am also in the minority. I didn't think it was that bad either. I caught a whole bunch of episodes this morning and I can't believe that she fires Michael!! He does SO much for her; when I don't think many people would, even if she was paying them. I do, however, think it is ridiculous to think that she could be a country music star. I don't think that's gonna happen...

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    Arranged Marriage

    I have a question for those of you from Iranian descent. Why would her "royal" parents let her choose her own husband?? I had a friend from Egypt who would look through a "book" of guys and let her family know who she was interested in and her family would arrange a meeting. So, it's not totally arranged, but the parents have the last say in wether or not she marries a certain person. I thought this was pretty customary in most Middle Eastern countries. I realize that since Anne-Claire is royal, she probably wouldn't look through a "book", but her parents would probably arrange some men (who are acceptable) for her to meet, don't you think??

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    I must be in the minority as well, since I didn't think it was too horrible. Her personality makes it work; even though she's petty, childish, and selfish, she's so self-absorbed that she's interesting

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    Ugh! I saw this yesterday for a bit and I am in total agreement with the poster who said she was one ugly princess.

    Frankly, she has the personality of a moth.

    Somehow if she was bubbly and energetic, I'd over look the fact that she looks like one of the people in the Twilight Zone's The Eye of the Beholder episode (the one where everyone was a monster). She looks like one of the "monsterous nurse in that episode! UGH!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    At the end, when the sobbing Princess threw herself down on the leaf-covered grass, I burst into uncontrollable laughter.
    I caught that one and I about died! That was hilarious!

    I can't stand this show. She's trying so hard to be a primadonna it's annoying as hell. It's not even a 'cutesy', spoiled brat-like behavior that I can tolerate and laugh about...it's phoney and fake & I can't stand her.
    The lighting is always perfect, no matter where they're filming (her in bed, her in the park, etc..) Too obvious that it's scripted. Even when she's "talking" to someone, she can barely say her lines right.

    Anyway.. rosekid, that was one of the single-most funniest 'scenes' I've seen all year.
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