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Thread: Michael Jacksons Nose... uhh do we REALLY need a closer look?

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    Originally posted by holly71
    .... He is beyond weird. He's something that there's just no way to describe. He really doesn't seem to think there's anything unusual about the things he does. . . I mean, I had a traumatic childhood (as MANY kids, too many kids do),... but I've managed to deal with it & I function quite normally in society. Michael doesn't know how to function like a normal adult. He's got the funds, he should have sought therapy a long time ago. ...
    I feel for his kids, I really do. The odds are stacked against them in terms of them turning out to be functional members of society. ...
    I have tons to say here; hope nobody minds the lengthy post

    Maybe it's harder to overcome tragedy and abuse when you've been mega-famous since you were five (or whatever age Jackson began performing as a kid; I know it was really young) and when every move you make is printed in tabloids. Famous people are generally living in la-la land to begin with.

    I've been a huge Marilyn Monroe fan for years, and I've read tons of books about her -- I think she had similar problems as Michael Jackson. She was practically orphaned as a kid (had to live in foster homes) and was sexually abused during those years. Her incredible fame made it even more difficult to lead a psychologically healthy life (she did seek therapy, BTW, but it didn't seem to help much). People were always trying to use her. Joe DiMaggio physically/emotionally abused her while they were married. She didn't really have anyone to rely on.

    I agree that MJ's kids are not likely to grow up 'normal,' to become normal adults. I think that MJ is going to have a cow when his kids become teenagers, don't you? MJ is so into kiddies who are under 12 years old, how is he going to cope when his cute little tikes grow up into obnoxious teens who yell back at him, disobey him, get into trouble, etc.?

    I don't think that Jackson is as totally 'child like' as he wants us to believe. For instance, some of his videos and songs contain adult content with him singing about sexy women and what all. He was smart enough and business savvy enough to buy all the rights to the Beatles music catalog so he could make millions off that.

    Lastly, I have one more theory about why he's kind of obsessed about kids and being kid-like.

    I think he was raised in a Jehovah's Witness background, so he does have something of a religious understanding and exposure. I saw in an interview he did about ten years ago (with Oprah perhaps) where he mentioned a Bible verse where Jesus said,

    (from Matthew 18:3)" And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

    I'm afraid that MJ may have taken that verse *way* too literally and thinks that Jesus is saying you must BE a kid to obtain salvation. I was raised a Baptist and we're all into 'salvation is by the grace of God through faith alone in Jesus,' not that you have to pretend to be an 8 year old kid your whole life. I mean, if you truly believe your shot at *eternal life* depends on being childlike, that could explain why MJ is so nutty about childhood and the kiddies.

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    Jacko's full of it. He talks about identifying with the innocence of children, but he makes vidoes where all he does is grab his crotch and squeal. That's sick. He's sick. And looney. And weird. And a pervert.
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    He can't justify his actions by blaming his father, his religion, being famous as a child, or whatever. He basically has his own reality, which is not the reality the rest of the planet lives with.

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    Originally posted by holly71
    He can't justify his actions by blaming his father, his religion, being famous as a child, or whatever. He basically has his own reality, which is not the reality the rest of the planet lives with.
    I agree that he is still ultimately responsible for his actions and should be held accountable.

    In my post, I was just trying to understand WHY he does what he does & putting forth my own theories. He's so messed up, there could be any number of reasons why.

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    Well, Michael Jackson has without a doubt one of the oddest celebrities around. His music and dancing is the best and I think that there will never be another like him.

    But when it comes down to the individual : o man is he odd.

    1. Firstly something bad must have happened to Michael as a child bcos he has had so much physical surgery he doesnt look human, if u study closely u will c that michael has had his eyes changed, every yr they look different, his chin gets wider and wider then it shrinks sometimes, his nose seems to be pointing further and further up and looks more gross and bumpy and destroyed, when michael smiles he looks damn frightning.

    2. Secondly michaels life style, animals, neverland and buying odd things, i believe that michael is making up for lost time he is mentaly reliving his childood, i mean can u imagine ure childhood without toys and fun-ness?

    3. The kids, i believe that bcos of michaels odd looks and strange voice there are no adults, (especially females) that are interested giving michael any companiship, kids on the other hand seem 2 be more forgiving 2wards him, maybe cos he spoils them and kids are easily bought???!. so kids stay with michael bcos he wud neva displince them, get angry and always buy them things, i dont believe they love him my little cousins wudnt love a 44 yr old man who sounds like a 10yr old gurl and looks like a monster


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