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Thread: Tape of last night's Extreme Home Makeover?

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    Tape of last night's Extreme Home Makeover?

    Did anybody happen to tape it and would be willing to send me a copy? Thanks!

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    I'm sorry, karna, I don't have a tape. I'm sure Feifer will provide a wonderful recap, though! It was definitely a tear-jerker (as usual). There was this woman who lives on a farm with two children, and her husband died just three months earlier. It was a very emotional show since everyone's feelings were still tender and fresh. Randy Travis made a guest appearance in it.

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    I've been a bad, bad girl Siryn's Avatar
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    Sorry, no tape.

    But I did get a little weepy when Randy Travis showed up. I'm not into country, but that was a really sweet gesture for the show to get him to come on and help with the reveal. This is a great show.

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    Hello! It's been a looooong time since I posted here!! We've been busy doing Santa Float , etc for the city. I "Think" I have it. I will check for you. I taped all the episodes while we were out every night for 25 niughts in a row doing the Santa Float. E-Mail me with your info. I will post here tomorrow or tonight if, (probably when) I find it. I missed the last 5 minutes of the Vardon episode, and it was GREAT to see the write up and photos! My thanks to all who do this!!!!!! Folks, let me know if you'd be interested in seeing a poem I wrote about the show. I don't know whether to send it to them or not. ( I am ALWAYS my worst critic!)


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