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Thread: Reality TV Inspires Small Town Doctor to Hold His Very Own Extreme Makeover

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    Reality TV Inspires Small Town Doctor to Hold His Very Own Extreme Makeover

    Press Release from: http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2.../emw180001.htm

    Reality TV Inspires Small Town Doctor to Hold His Very Own Extreme Makeover Contest for the People in His Community

    Dr. Omer Anisso, renowned Cosmetic Dentist, on Bainbridge Island, Washington is launching His 2nd Annual "The Smile Gift Project". Just like last year one lucky person will be chosen for an Extreme Cosmetic Dental Makeover not to mention a number of other gifts all donated by other community businesses.

    (PRWEB) November 19, 2004 -- Inspired by Reality TV shows like Extreme Makeover, Dr. Anisso decided to offer the gift of an Extreme Cosmetic Dental Makeover to one lucky person in his own community. The event which he entitled "The Smile Gift Project" is launching it's second annual starting by accepting applications throughout the month of November.

    Prospective winners must complete an application, submit photos along with a 100 word or fewer essay as to why they feel they should be chosen. The deadline is set for November 30th. Dr Anisso will personally choose 5 to visit with him for an exam and interview. One will be chosen by Christmas and the Extreme Dental work will begin mid January and usually takes 4-8 weeks to complete.

    In addition to this life changing event the community has come together to offer their services also in a way to help celebrate and inspire the winner on their new beginnings. Gifts this year include a nights stay at a boutique hotel, restaurant services, flowers, limo, a personal health trainer, spa services, hair and make-up, skin care specialist and list grows daily.

    Dr Anisso has a long term goal which is to inspire other Cosmetic Dentists to follow in this holiday tradition. "The Smile Gift Project" will change many peoples lives each and every year if we can all work together. I feel that there comes a time in everyone's life to give back in a big way. That time in now for Dr. Anisso and hopefully this will make others realize that it is their time as well.
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    That's a pretty nice thing to do for the community. It's great to see people who really do need some surgical aide to receive it, instead of people who just want unnecessary supeficial cosmetic surgery.
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