Forgive me before I even start - please??

I just know I am going to make a huge great donger of a mistake... anyway ... I have just started watching a programme called 'The Ultimate Playboy'. I wonder have you seen it - do you get [I ask cos I am in the UK]

Anyway - I am forging ahead as if you didn't - this is why I need forgiveness, I am probably teaching my granny to suck eggs.

Anyway - the premise of this programme is to search out and find the ultimate playboy, it is set in St Tropez and to qualify to be a contestant you have to be a single, male millionaire. The judges are Jody Kidd [supermodel] and her bevvy of 6 beauties - they and the 'playboys' live in a fabulouso mansion in the South of France and the girls set multi daily challenges for the guys.

There is an American, Alex, a New Yorker who made his millions in the rental car business - he is really quite cute in a chubby, respectful sort of way. He is my fave at the mo - oh and he wears an eye patch!! [Sadly the mad Italian Stallion - who was drop dead gorge was outed last week]

And each week two are voted out and they have to duel, sadly not with loaded pistols - as some deserve both barrels up their nethers - no with splat guns.

Anyway - do you get this over there and if so do you love it as much as me.