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Thread: Extreme Makeover Hears Wedding Bells

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    Extreme Makeover Hears Wedding Bells

    November 17, 2004 --
    ABC is planning to pump up some lucky viewer's nuptials with "Extreme Makeover: Wedding Edition."

    Fueled by great ratings from its two other makeover shows, the network has put a third edition of the franchise into production, according to Variety.

    "I think it's a pretty logical extension of the 'Extreme Makeover' brand," said Andrea Wong, ABC VP of alternative programming. "It's about wish fulfillment [and] giving something great to someone at an important moment in their life. We'll find people viewers will want to root for."

    On each "Extreme Makover" series, deserving people are chosen to receive excessive help in different areas of their lives. On the original show, viewers who have been hampered by their bodies for various reasons received plastic surgery and life coaching.

    On the "Home Edition," entire families have benefited from the show when teams of contractors rebuild their houses. One recent recipient was the family of a Queens woman who had been ripped off by a contractor who left her house in shambles and ran away with all her money.

    TV weddings have become a cornerstone of television especially on morning shows like "Today," "Good Morning America" and "The Early Show." Post TV Staff

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    Okay so in EM, they give dream bodies, in EMHO, they give dream houses, in EMWE will they give dream spouses?

    Talk about "fixing you up"!

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    Well except for the fact that one EM show sucks and the other is great. Can a third show split the divide? Theoretically, yes. But I don't think so with this weak concept.

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    EM:WE has a lot of potential if used sparingly - like a special done once every six months or once a month at most. Women eat that stuff up, and for brides-to-be it's loaded with ideas. But you can only see so much of the same kind of stuff, so if used sparingly, it can be pretty effective.

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    Just a reminder that this will be on following the Bachelor tonight.

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    That is pretty funny going from dream house to dream spouse...
    They dont actually find them someone to marry do they? I thought couples applied to get the Extreme Wedding...

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