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Thread: Full Metal Challenge (New Rollins Show)

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    Full Metal Challenge (New Rollins Show)

    I found a little info on that Henry Rollins/Cathy Rogers Show I was looking for. I found a rumor that said it would be starting October 20th on The Learning Channel. It is kind of like a cross between Junkyard Wars and Eco Challenge.
    Check out the website for Full Metal Challenge and you'll see what I mean.

    There will be 27 teams from 12 countries competing. There's bound to be someone for everyone to root for. From Cops and Firefighters to Nightclub Bouncers and Mechanics, from brothers-in-law to brothers-in-arms...with special bonus Henry Rollins and Cathy Rogers.
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    O yay! Thanks for the info!

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    I like Henry Rollins. The guy is one messed up dude, but he's funny and can take a laugh at his own expense.

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    I have pretty much all of his spoken word albums, a couple of spoken word DVD's, several of his books (which, by the way are awesome), most of his movies, and have seen one of his spoken word shows live. He's one smart mother f***er, and a really interesting character.

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