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Thread: 11/15 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers* The Swan2

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    11/15 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers* The Swan2

    Pleae keep all discussion about tonights show in this thread only until 1am eastern.

    Thanks and enjoy the show!

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    Was I the only one who watched? I didn't get to see the first half hour though. I still don't think those sisters needed plastic surgery for their face. If they wanted to get a breast reduction - fine, but really they didn't need all that surgery. Oh yeah, is it me or did Gina look tired during the reveal?
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    I watched it. I thought Kari looked more like her sister at the reveal, especially the eyes. Gina did look tired at the reveal. They both looked great, but Kari looked better for the pageant.

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    I thought Kari's new look was more noticeably different than Gina's. Before she was ever on The Swan, Kari could have had a more attractive look by wearing her hair differently, and wearing glasses of a different shape, or contacts. Her hair pulled back severely, matched with round glasses was not an attractive look for her -- made her look owl-like. I still think a hairstyle other than straight & blonde might've worked better for Kari, but she did look great at the reveal.

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    You know, when I first saw the sisters, I thought there are two girls that just need breast reductions and a trainer. I didn't think either of them needed facial surgery or even lipo. They couldn't work out due to thier huge cha-chas, fine, now that they are reduced, let them hit the gym! In my opinion, they sold themselves short. Don't get me wrong, they looked great, but I think they looked great before!

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    Count me in as being totally mystified as to why these girls got any facial surgery. WTF was wrong with Kari's nose? Does any 24-year-old need a brow lift? Plus, I didn't see any need for liposuction on either of them - how unnecessary and in Kari's situation, apparently potentionally quite dangerous. Six months in the gym and no junk food and they would have gotten the same results.

    I completely sympathize with their wanting a breast reduction, they certainly look more comfortable and proportionate now. However - and I do believe one of the surgeons pointed this out - it's pretty stupid to do a reduction BEFORE a substantial weight loss.

    For once, though, I do think both girls got nice results. I would say Gina's was the most successful transformation, as she just looks younger and more refreshed than before her makeover, rather than scary and pinched like so many of the women come out.
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    I think I liked these two transformations more than any other. The breast reductions were necessary, altho it seems it would have been better after weight loss. It seems a lot of cheek pads (are they buccal pads?) are getting removed (for that model-ready cheek enhancement) this year. Maybe that's the new "in" procedure. These girls seemed to feel so much better about themselves. In my opinion, that's what plastic surgery should be about....not giving everyone poofy fable lips and rabbit teeth.

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