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Thread: Corey Feldman (Surreal Life) Does anyone like him?

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    Originally posted by TheGreenHornet
    I caught the show the other night while channel suffering and decided to give it a chance. I won't be watching it again though and that has everything to do with Feldman. He seems like a pathetic sad little man who can't get out of his past glory. One half hour of watching that freak show is more then enough for me in this lifetime. And to think I actually liked some of his movies when I was growing up. The real sad thing of it all though is the rest of the cast isn't much better.
    Ditto here on much of what you said.

    I've watched maybe one episode of it, possibly two. I think that Corey is self-absorbed. I saw the part where they were all in the van, and Cory kept going on and on and on about himself (he was discussing how he made a fortune as a kid but his parents took it all, or something).

    Meanwhile, he's totally oblivious that he's boring everyone else on the trip to tears. Nobody is enteracting with his talk, but he's like the Engergizer bunny just keeps going and going.

    I saw the episode where they all went to the beach and had to go through an obstacle course to win the best tent. Cory's behavior during the marshmallow / hot dog dinner struck me as being whine-y. I do find Cory to be annoying, but I don't think I hate him. Maybe if I watched this show regularly I would grow to hate his guts.

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    Originally posted by joeguy
    wow!!!!!! two types of vermninators out huh? one for home and the other for the office, (office brand is unscented)
    Did anyone check out the recommended albums which are listed below his? They include::
    Shut Up ~ Kelly Osbourne

    Shut Up You F**king Baby! ~ David Cross

    hee hee hee hee hee!

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    ya'll know Corey was doin' some serious self-love in that bathroom last night, that's the one aspect of his life devoid of codependency.

    And he soooo looked like Charlie Brown standing in the middle of that softball field.

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    i love corey he is great! and of course he is all whiny and a big brat. he has been in tv since he was three. He has had everything handed to him. and i honestly think SOME of the stuff he did and said i think they set that up to create conflict they always do that in reality shows.

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