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Thread: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-The Ali Family 10/31/04

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    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-The Ali Family 10/31/04

    This week of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition we meet the Ali family from the borough of Queens in New York. Eleven years ago Lucy Ali took in two babies who were born addicted to drugs. Kuran and Paul are each twelve years old now. Last year Lucy applied for a loan so that she could add on to her house gaining more room for her family. The contractor that she hired tore the house apart and then skipped town with the family's money. The Ali's family's dream was shattered and they have been reduced to living in shelters until they were eventually kicked out because Lucy is technically a home owner. The EMHE team could not meet the family at their house because it is in such bad shape that it is not even inhabitable. Right now they are crammed into a studio apartment in an attic. Every inch of space is used and has to serve multiple purposes. The team will meet the family at their tiny home to let them know the good news.

    [IMG]images/img/AlisSurprised.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/AliTinyAptChair.jpg[/IMG]

    After Ty greets the family bull horn style they emerge from the house cheering. Lucy is blown away and the kids are beaming. Then they take a tour of the apartment so the team can get a feel for their personalities. The team and the Ali's board the bus for a trip to the virtually destroyed house. Rolling up they see the house for the first time and the devastation is visible even from the outside, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The inside looks like a bomb went off. Every room on the first floor has been dismantled in some crude way totally disregarding the family's belongings. The second floor is merely a shell and the staircase that leads to it is too narrow and awkward. Even the backyard needs serious work as it is on it's way to becoming a jungle.

    [IMG]images/img/AliHouseFrontB.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/AliHousInsideDevistation.jpg[/IMG]

    Ty sends the family off in the limo to an unknown destination. The anticipation is killing the Ali's. Ty calls the up en route to tell them they are going on a Disney Cruise to their own private island in the Bahamas. They come unglued when they find out. Ty tells Lucy that her room will be his special project and she is thrilled.

    The team plans out the perfect house to suite each family member's taste. They are getting the works! They will have a media room, living room, bedrooms of their own and a go-cart racetrack; not to mention the best kitchen imaginable.

    Ty found the perfect contractor to do the job, Sal. The team has worked with him and his crew before. Everyone is happy to see each other and get started on reviving the trashed home. As demolition ensues we get a peek at the family on their cruise. Ty sent them a message about how demolition was going. They can not believe how the house is being torn apart even further. After Ty says goodbye to the family via video cam, he is informed of the instability of the house. The structure could tumble at any minute and all the work is stopped for safety purposes as they formulate a plan to stabilize the frame of the house. It appears that the thief contractor that screwed them over had tried to expand the house by only building onto the existing walls instead of beefing up the frame to accommodate the new load of a second floor. There is a special place in hell for that particular contractor. I am sure of it.

    Paige, again clad in coordinationg pink tool belt, hat and tank top, tells us of her plans for the backyard. She wants to tear down a decrepit garage to make room for a go-cart racetrack.


    Paul gets started on Paul's room and points out that is glad to do it especially since they have the same name. Knowing he wants to be an actor inspires him to make his room a mini theater with it's own stage. Paul heads down to Broadway to see what he can come up with for the ultimate theater room. At the New Amsterdam Theater he finds fabric that is used for The Lion King costumes and some of it will be put to good use in Paul's room. He also gets a piece of the carpet used in the isles of the theater to add color to the room.

    The front porch had to come down and there were antiques built into the walls. It was practically a time capsule. The team wants to save the items to restore and add to the home when completed.


    Kuran aspirations of being an architect and Constance plans to give him the perfect retreat to hone his craft. Preston thinks a scaled down kiddo version would be fine and wants to add some educational elements to the room. They consult Sal and he makes some good suggestions to finish off the room.

    Michael gets down to business filling the media room. He wants to really blow the guys away with a great TV and sound system. They will also have the latest games to fill their spare time.

    Sal Ferro steps up to express how happy he is to help out and make a real difference in the world with the help of his crew. A storm threatens to slow down work and everyone gets prepared to take shelter.

    There was a really emotional moment when Lucy's family dropped by to check on the progress of the house. Her mom, brother and sister-in-law were so excited about the progress and the vision of the team. They could really picture the final home it was evolving into.

    The rain is gone and there are only 2 days until the family comes home. Ty gets down to the business of designing and constructing the furniture for Lucy's room. He intends for her to have the best as she deserves it. Her room will be a relaxing retreat.

    Pinked out Paige grew up with a race car driver for a daddy and she is psyched about giving the boys a racetrack from her own childhood dreams in their own backyard.

    Constance has the architect for Kuran's room call him to talk about the details of his room. He was glad to make the call and scrambled Kuran's brain with technical talk. He knew less about his room than before the call.
    In an effort to capture the city's architecture in photos, Preston went to downtown. Using the cityscape in the room will add to it's overall look.

    One day left and the house is really starting to take shape. The soothing colors that Lucy likes are popping up all over the house. This week the entire team is on schedule to finish and the furniture is moved in and arranged in style.

    On the day of the family's return everything falls into place as the team polishes off each room with special touches that are sure to please them all. The community is assembled across the street and the family arrives in the limo. Kuran hops out of the car and bear hugs Ty first thing. The Ali's are ready to see the house and the bus rolls away. The family jumps up and down with the excitement of the site of their new house.

    [IMG]images/img/AlisHoppin.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/AliHouseFrontA.jpg[/IMG]

    Paul can not believe that is their house. The team joins the family for hugs and the family finally gets to see the house. Astounded just inside the doorway, they all test out the new furniture.

    [IMG]images/img/AliFntrywayA.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/AliLivingroomA.jpg[/IMG]

    Seeing the ultramodern kitchen Lucy sees the black granite that she has always wanted for countertops. She loves the inviting kitchen.

    [IMG]images/img/AliKitchenA.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/AliDiningA.jpg[/IMG]

    Then came the media room where Lucy was glad her sons could lounge and play in style. Then Ty cranked up the sound and ruffled Lucy a little. Good thing they soundproofed the walls to that room so the rest of the house would not be shaken to bits.

    [IMG]images/img/AliMediaRoomSeats.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/AliMediaTV.jpg[/IMG]

    Next the family went upstairs to check out their individual rooms. Paul was thrilled that his room was filled with Lion King touches and a stage for acting out his dreams. Lucy could see how his room would help him build his confidence and move him a step closer to his future career.

    [IMG]images/img/PaulsRoomsMasks.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/PaulsRoomBed.jpg[/IMG]

    Koran quietly walked into his room and was overwhelmed by the sight of it. It reflected his personality exactly. He was even impressed that they added stylish close to his closet. Lucy said that just watching his reaction began a healing in her that was long overdue. The needs of her children were finally met and their dreams were realized by their surroundings.

    [IMG]images/img/ArchRoomBed.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/ArchRoom.jpg[/IMG]

    It is Lucy's turn and she takes in all the colors and textures with delight. For thirteen years she has longed for this sanctuary and marvels in it's beauty. Her own private bathroom feels like a temple of relaxation.

    [IMG]images/img/LucysRoomEntry.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/LucysBed.jpg[/IMG]

    The family then moves on to the backyard and can not believe they have their own go-cart track. It all suites them perfectly.


    The team joins the family again for a round of hugs and kisses. But that's not all. Sal informs the family that he and his partners care so much about this family that they have set up scholarships for both boy's college. All are amazed and the family is grateful. Lucy and her family feel so blessed to have been chosen for this Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.


    That does it for this week. Join us again next week for another set of dreams realized on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
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    Feifer, what a lovely recap. You caught all the detail without losing any of the emotion of the Ali family's unique and shocking story. I got teary eyed reading it. Great job!

    And I love love LOVE the pictures. Awesome work, Feifer!
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    wonderful recap, feif! like hep said, adding the pics to your recap is an awesome touch!

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    Great recap, Feif.
    Excellent job

    I have to add to the comments about adding the pics, that's such a good idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feifer
    Hello there..

    This is a greeting from Denmark..

    I have just seen this episode of extreme makeover, and I think the small figures at Arche's room are so cool..

    It is the figures at the top of the pic i am talking about, are there anyone who knows whether it is possible to get these figures anywhere ?

    Hope to hear from you..

    Best regards
    Thomas Hupfeldt.
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    Welcome to the FORT Thomas!

    According to the ABC website, that piece is called "11 Iron Workers Sitting on an I-Beam" by artist Sergio Furnari. They give the phone # of Sergio Furnari Collections as: 917-658-5890, and he also has a website: sergiofurnari.com.

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    Thanks for your quick reply, i will write him a mail.. :o)

    /Thomas H.

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