I am interested in helping to organize an Extreme Makeover show in Thailand. I am Director of International Patients at TRSC, the largest LASIK center in Asia and the first to be Internationally Certified. In Thailand Beauty is more important than money, power or position. Woman with salaries of under $1,000 a month spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. Thai plastic surgeons are among the best in the the world. They study in Europe, Japan, and America.

I have connections with the Thailand Tourist board as well as the top surgeons and clinics in Thailand. I have tried to contact ABC or other stations to present the idea but receive automated replies that are not relevant to my inquiry. Does anyone know how to contact them more directly?

A Thailand show could include Asian and Thai traditional treatments, spa treatments, 5 star resorts, and well as wellness getaways. I could even arrange for the episode to take place on a tropical island.