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Thread: Tommy Lee to star in reality show

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    Tommy Lee to star in reality show

    Check this out:


    Posted on Mon, Oct. 11, 2004

    Rocker Lee heads to class for reality TV

    Associated Press

    LINCOLN, Neb. – Multi-tattooed rocker Tommy Lee, a high school dropout, plunged into life as a University of Nebraska student Thursday – for reality TV.

    Lee mingled with fellow Cornhuskers for an NBC show in which he’ll take classes in chemistry, literature and the history of rock ’n’ roll.

    Flanked by production crews and cameras, Lee bought books and Nebraska apparel at the University Bookstore while a mass of onlookers strained for a glimpse. “It’s like a big circus,” student Paul Penke said.

    On Monday, the Motley Crue drummer will try out for the Nebraska marching band.

    NBC spokeswoman Susan Ross said the network hopes to get six episodes worth of footage for a series set to air next summer. Lee will have a tutor and live off-campus.

    Lee told the Lincoln Journal Star he was looking forward to “a little music, some education, some partying – the whole college experience.” Asked why Lincoln was chosen, Lee responded: “Because it rules, man.”

    Not everyone is so pleased.

    “Why Tommy Lee?” said Bob Moyer, executive director of the Family Violence Council.

    Lee spent about four months in jail after pleading no contest to kicking his then-wife, Pamela Anderson, in February 1998. And though school officials have said the show is a way for potential students to learn about the university, using Lee to get that message out is causing some trepidation even among administrators.

    “All I can say is join me in keeping your fingers crossed,” Chancellor Harvey Perlman said.
    kitty-cats rule!

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    How is Tommy Lee going to top that first reality show he was a co-star in? You know... the Tommy Lee And Pam Anderson Lee 'home movie' . Now that was a 'reality show', lol
    I live in my own world. But it's ok, they know me there.
    Kid Nation... a sad day for society when the exploitation of children becomes acceptable entertainment for television viewers.
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    Knock Knock
    "Hey man can I join the party"
    "Dude you're old"
    "But I'm Tommy Lee"
    "Drummer for Motley Crue"
    "Like rock music man!"
    "Rock music?"

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    Reality tv fan
    UGHHH.....I can't say I care for Tommy Lee :phhht

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    Hmm..how boring. Besides, he bugs me. Pass!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeses
    How is Tommy Lee going to top that first reality show he was a co-star in? You know... the Tommy Lee And Pam Anderson Lee 'home movie' . Now that was a 'reality show', lol
    I've always had a thing for Tommy Lee. And I rather enjoyed his first foray into the world of reality shows. (Yes I'm a bad person.) I'll definitely check this out.

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    This is making a lot of news here in Nebraska! Almost everyday there is an article in the paper about what he is doing while filming the reality show at UNL. He played in the band during the Baylor - Nebraska football game, the pictures were in the newspapers. The big shots at UNL are hoping that this show will get more students interested in attenting university at Nebraska. We shall see how that pans out.

    However, if the show airs next year as planned; I will be watching!! There is no place like Nebraska...

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    I think this would be a really funny show, if I can, I will watch it for sure.

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    This I gotta see. My only question is how long will it be before we get to see Pamela making a guest appearence in a bikini ?

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    Episode One: Tommy holds a kegger at his apartment, throws a chair out the window.
    Episode Two: Tommy goes to a kegger at a frat house; tells a hot sorority chick to do a pole dance for him.
    Episode Three: Tommy teaches nerd roommate how use a bong, then takes him out to get a tattoo.
    Episode Four: The guys from Motley Crue surprise Tommy in Nebraska. A kegger ensues and nerd roommate gets carnal knowledge from a sympathetic groupie. Then they trash the apartment.
    Episode Five: Tommy misses chemistry -- again -- but hits on a hot English lit teacher.
    Episode Six: Finals! Tommy crams for the tests by staying up all night. Gives nerd roommate/tutor little white pills to help him stay "alert."
    Will he pass or fail? Stay tuned for the next season ...
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." George Orwell

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