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Episode One: Tommy holds a kegger at his apartment, throws a chair out the window.
Episode Two: Tommy goes to a kegger at a frat house; tells a hot sorority chick to do a pole dance for him.
Episode Three: Tommy teaches nerd roommate how use a bong, then takes him out to get a tattoo.
Episode Four: The guys from Motley Crue surprise Tommy in Nebraska. A kegger ensues and nerd roommate gets carnal knowledge from a sympathetic groupie. Then they trash the apartment.
Episode Five: Tommy misses chemistry -- again -- but hits on a hot English lit teacher.
Episode Six: Finals! Tommy crams for the tests by staying up all night. Gives nerd roommate/tutor little white pills to help him stay "alert."
Will he pass or fail? Stay tuned for the next season ...

AWSOME!!!! Tommy Lee rocks!!!!