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Thread: Ghost Hunters

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    Xantham Gum
    I believe the next new episode is March 29.

    By the way, have they ever mentioned if they get paid to travel and setup all these elaborate sessions? I get the feeling it's all pro-bono since they have to keep their day jobs at Roto-Rooter™ but if that's the case, it must get pretty expensive paying it all from their own pockets, even if their crew works for free.

    I hope Sci-Fi is paying them some good money for these shows, but if not, Jason should take a second job as a professional Dick Cheney impersonator.

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    Anyone watching the premiere of the new season tonight?
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    DANG! I forgot it was on. damnnnnn you Top Chef!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shakes fist*
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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat View Post
    Anyone watching the premiere of the new season tonight?
    Great show to start the season. I'm glad they expanded it to one hour. It will be interesting to see if they stay with that format or go back to 2 investigations each hour.

    I don't know why but that Sanitorium gave me the creeps for some reason. Usually the show doesn't have that much effect on me. It is a huge place. I just wish they would have asked the owners what there plans are? Given it's location it would make great condos/apartments.

    The backstage drama gets on my nerves too especially the story with Brian which I don't think anyone really cares about.

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    I am SO excited that we have new Ghost Hunters episodes again!!!

    This was a GREAT first show for the new season. . . . but, I, too, am really tired of the whole "Brian" drama. I guess they were tying up the loose ends from how last season ended with Brian coming back, but I sure do hope they leave it alone from now on.
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    well I saw the repeat of this on U.S.A. network at noon on tuesday, just got lucky and caught it. I have to agree....I am tired of brian and jhis story and his self centeredness. The way he took off down the hall and had that one guy hanging on to keep track of him (remember they are in the dark except for the flashlights they carry, the camera is shooting in IR) what I wonder about is what do the camera people think and feel or hear at times too. they are there filming. do they sence anything? this was a good show though. had some good stuff in it.

    As for brian.....dude, you are a dweeb deluxe

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    I can't believe this thread isn't more hoppoing than it is.

    I don't see the Brian drama stopping for awhile. These episodes were taped so long ago, he'll probably be sniveling for a few episodes still.
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    I'm sick of Brian, as well. I can't believe they took him back like that! That said, this is one of my most favorite shows.

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    Brian has always bugged me. He's such a whiner and he gets spooked easier than a skittish cat. Steve is my favorite guy because I love the idea of a cop (which is his day job) having so many tats.

    Tonight's episode wasn't all that exciting, but if they found ghosts every time, it'd be too contrived. Here's hoping they cut down on the crew drama and spend more time with the ghosts. Also, I wish they'd go back to the season 1 formula of just doing one site per episode. It seems so rushed with the two sites per episode deal they've got going now.

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    I thought last night was fun. I agree enough about Brian and all the drama. The security guard in the second site looked so disappointed at the reveal... poor guy....the large orb was just a car's headlights. Bummer!
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