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Thread: EM Home Edition 10/24 - "The Mackey Family"

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    EM Home Edition 10/24 - "The Mackey Family"


    "Mackey Family" -- For the past 25 years, Consuela Mackey has tirelessly helped those living with disabilities by providing them with job training, individualized training in personal care and education on workplace etiquette. Since she has devoted most of her life to helping others, it was long overdue for something extremely nice to be done for her. When the team from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" came to Consuela's house in Granada Hills, California, they were able to give something back to an individual who has sacrificed so much for her community. The episode airs SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

    Consuela is the founder of the non-profit organization Operation Confidence which, as of 2004, has helped almost 10,000 disabled individuals find gainful employment and assimilate into the workplace. But her efforts to help the disabled don't stop when she gets home; as an example of how she sacrifices her own happiness and comfort to help others, when one of the people she works with needs a place to spend the night, Consuela selflessly gives up her own bed and sleeps in a chair.

    Consuela has had many foster kids over the years, and has raised her grandson since he was a baby. She took in her niece when the girl was just six years old, and most recently brought her visually impaired sister, Sandra Lawson -- along with Sandra's teen-aged daughter, Georgia -- down from Sacramento to live with her. Consuela has been using her knowledge and resources to educate her sister about technology that's available to facilitate life with partial vision. The family, in turn, is involved with all of Consuela's projects, and look to her for guidance and advice in their daily lives.

    A beauty shop business is Consuela's sole source of income, the money going towards caring for her extended family and continuing Operation Confidence's community efforts. With such limited funds and with all of her time taken up by her non-stop philanthropic activities, Consuela has had no opportunity to tend to the upkeep of her own house.

    While the team of designers, contractors and over 400 workers transformed her ranch-style, one-level home into a decorator's delight, Consuela, along with her 14-year-old grandson, Eric Jones, sister Sandra and Sandra's 16-year-old daughter, Georgia, and Consuela's niece, Valada Smith, 26, went on a seven-day vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico and stayed at the Viva Wyndham Hotel.

    For this "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," the design team features team leader Ty Pennington and designers Paul DiMeo, Paige Hemmis, Tracy Hutson, Michael Moloney and Constance Ramos. "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is produced by Endemol USA, a division of Endemol Holding. The series is executive-produced by Tom Forman.

    This program carries a TV-PG parental guideline.

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    Another California house.

    Loved what they did with Eric's room - the bed was great! And of course the rest of the rooms were cool too. I like how they gave Consuela her own office outside of the house.

    The outside of the house was BEAUTIFUL!

    Anyone else think Paul looked sexy after his "makeover"?

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    Charlie from far away I think Paul looked like Ty after his makeover!! and Partridge family designer boy took way too much malicious pleasure in ripping those wax strips off of poor Paul's face.

    I will probably be the only one to say this but.. I didn't like the office outside of the house. What I would have rather seen done is use the salon space a little more thoughtfully. One sink and one chair/station would have been a huge improvement on what they had before. Then the huge space could have held Consuela's office and a small guest room - where the guest/client could have some privacy.
    Now Conseula has to leave the house to go to work and she isn't available to the kids, her kitchen isn't available to her guests/clients. She would have to transport the client to her home - helping them out of their wheelchair and into her truck.
    I understand the team wanting to give CM some privacy and space to work but they took away the heart of her business. .. besides that free lease is only for a year, after that she'll have to come up with funds for space rental when she had it all for 'free' at home. A bad choice by the ABC team IMO.
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    I know there was no mention of this on the show, but I wonder if Consuela has ever had any 'trouble' with any of her clients. I would be very leery of letting strangers into my home. (But then I'm a wuss. ) Maybe she could meet people at her office for the first time, and then if she's comfortable with them, take them home. It's not very far away, and she doesn't have to spend 9 to 5 there, she can make her own hours.

    Georgia was so happy for herself and her Mom to have their own rooms. Are round bedsheets hard to find?

    And to Paul's makeover. But I missed Preston. He's always good for some drama.

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    I never thought about the round bedsheets, Qboots! There is a hotel close to us that has fantasuites and many of the suites feature round beds, so I have seen them before, but I never really thought about the fact that round sheets must be hard to come by. I've never noticed them in a store before.

    About the office - I just assumed this was a place she could go to get away every now and then - to work on paperwork or meet first time clients. They still have the wheelchairs and other medical-related accessories at her house so they did assume she would still have people there. What I liked about it is that it makes her business appear more 'official', and the fact that the contractor went out of his way to give her that space was very nice.

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