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Thread: MTV's Room Raiders

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    MTV's Room Raiders

    I know I may be in the minority, but I am getting hooked on Room Raiders.

    This show, IMO, does a better job in making its participants squirm than any other reality/game/dating show.

    First, they get abducted, with no notice, like they're getting arrested or kidnapped. Sometimes, they're in their swimming clothes, half-shirt, tank top, bare feet, underwear, and whatever else. I find it funny when somebody has to go through the show wearing very little clothes.

    Also, I love watching them squirm when the searcher comments that she found something that she/he doesn't like, and the other two competing against him/her rub it in. (Of course, they get to turn the tables when the searcher says bad things about the other rooms). And, they find a lot of stuff. I would like to see an episode where the searcher finds something really bad (like marijuana), but it's funny as it is, and you don't know what will be found. And, I also like seeing their reactions when the searcher does something inpolite while searching through the rooms. (And, sometimes the scary things that happen to the searcher while going through the house/room.

    And, of course, the end of the show when the contestants get "revenge" is funny, too.

    It just seems to me is that while most of the dating shows are lame and boring (and I admit this show is a bit lame), it is very funny.

    The only thing that strikes me against it is that it is somewhat predictable. We pretty much know what's going to happen on every single show. The routine is the same on EVERY show.

    What are your comments about Room Raiders?


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    I'm with you

    I like the show too. In fact, I would like to buy it on DVD but MTV is not selling it. I wish I had a DVD recorder then I could just record it myself.

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