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Thread: want to feel good about my seft

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    want to feel good about my seft

    well i would love a make over beccuse i hate the way i look and when i touch my faces i fill some much hair on it and my neck to i get so scard that someone looking right at me so i try to pull them out the night before i go to work i just think that pepole are looking at my fac=es i have pcos and that why i get so much hair i try so hard to get it off but i t kepp comeing back sometime i would chave my faces around my mouth so i h=cant see any there they grow on my faces well other thing is my boobs need to be lefted i am a single mother and i want my buttand belly to look good i just want someone to look at me and say she look good . some time i sit at home and cry that i will never fined someone that will like me but ithe one thing it my faces i trun my faces away when someone touch it i dont like when pepole touch my faces and i just have never been ask to the prom and i just want to live knowing that i have black hair on my faces and neck i get told all the time kim told still you have a long pices off hair it would be beter if i could tell you in person
    i an on welfareand i dont know how to dress to look good i have no nices colths well i hope you pick me that would me the would to me then i would love the way i look

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    lovemoon - you don't apply for any shows here, this is where we talk about the shows.
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    We all get quite a few requests for entry to all of the shows. You must contact the network that your show airs on for a chance for to be considered for that show.

    We can't help you or anyone else get on a show.
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