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Thread: New “Home Security” Makeover Show

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    New “Home Security” Makeover Show

    New “Home Security” Makeover Show

    The Discovery Channel is casting homeowners for a new burglary prevention series.

    Is your home or apartment burglar-proof? Do you care more about home security than your spouse or roommate? Have you been burgled before?

    Our security expert will show you how vulnerable your home is to a break-in and how a thief finds your valuables. And then we'll give your home a free security upgrade!

    We are currently casting in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

    Please email ErinR@liontv.us and tell us why you think you and your home would be perfect candidates for our show!

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    Hmm, this sounds like it might be an interesting and educational show. As someone who once worked in the home security industry, I know how much people compromise the security in their own homes without realizing it. And people don't realize how many little, as well as bigger things, they can do to protect themselves and their property at home.

    I'll be watching for the debut of this show, and hope it goes well.
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