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Thread: Trading Spaces - Louisville: Fall Harvest Court

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    Trading Spaces - Louisville: Fall Harvest Court

    Watching this episode for the first time right now.

    You know, I have to admire the restraint of the couple working with Hilde here. The blatant disregard to some very important and legitimate concerns expressed by the friends doing the room were way OTT, even by Hilde standards.

    Hilde was told they just spent over $2500 having some couches just upholstered in black leather, and Hilde could care less. Even the next day, when the woman brought it up again and told Hilde she really needed to fight for those couches not being touched, Hilde was pretty rude in the way she still disregarded those concerns. Granted, they have free license in the room(s) they're redoing, but since the recently upholstered leather couches were in another room elsewhere in the house, I think if Hilde cared anything about anything other than her own bloated ego, she should have noted and paid some attention to the concerns about the couches. If I had just spent over $2500 to upholster some couches and someone came in and wanted to/did what Hilde did to them, I'd be looking for Hilde's hide to use for the padding in the room Hilde needs to be locked into.

    The episode is only about 45 minutes into it, so still watching it, but I can only imagine how on edge the couple working with Hilde must be now.. it actually shows. And they must be really worried about those couches, and the HO's reaction to what happened to them. I feel bad for both couples.

    Note added after end of episode: Not surprisingly, the HO wasn't happy about Hilde using those recently upholstered couches. The HO said she had just had them upholstered specifically for that room Hilde found them in. But the HO was certainly more polite than I would have been in my reaction, and certainly more considerate than Hilde was.
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    Glad I missed it. I usually don't watch when Hilde is on, she makes me want to throw things at the TV. I've never really cared for her "designs" or her egotistical attitude.
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