September 28, 2004 -- A teen version of "Bay watch" that its creator is calling a prequel to the famed jiggle-TV series is in the works from the makers of "The Real World."
The show, "Point Dume" would focus on a group of Malibu high school students who work with a fictional community program called S.E.A. Corps., in which they work with lifeguards, the Coast Guard and firefighters, according to Variety.

The idea is based on a real program in Los Angeles.

"We want to take some of the craft we use in reality, and the language [of reality shows like "The Real World"] the audience is used to, and we want to apply it to telling these stories about young people," says Jonathan Murray of Bunim-Murray Productions.

"We've always had a good eye for casting talent, even though the talent have been real people. The actors on this show are going to be younger, and they've got to feel authentic, credible."

Murray is working on the show with "Baywatch" creator Gregory J. Bonann, who calls the new show a prequel to "Baywatch" because, "it shows how those people got their start as lifeguards."

The pair plan to shop "Point Dume" to the networks sometime within the next few weeks.

Post TV Staff