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Thread: Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

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    I wouldnt watch the show if it a Kristen centered one. God shes annoying. Lc is a little bit annoying too but i think we can all relate to her in some strange way(loving someone you cant have, remember that love makes us blind).It would have been fun to follow at least LC and Sthepen in college. I wonder what they are up to lol.

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    The show tonight was pretty sad, I feel like I am leaving Laguna Beach with them when the show will end next week. Actually felt sad to see Kristen cry. I guess I can relate to that whole going to college and not knowing what will happen, etc.

    Some parts were pretty funny too, like when Talan asked Lauren and Lo how to get more girls in his hot tub and they just stared at him

    I do really hope Lauren's not hung up on Stephen anymore though, she can find a great guy I'm sure. I like seeing her and Lo talk and hang out, they seem like true friends.

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    i don't know if it's real or fake but i like the show either waymy favorite character is lc and trey

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    Quote Originally Posted by pebbs
    see where all the donation $$ is going?
    Hardly. Christians is Robert H Schuller's granddaughter, not his daugter.

    I live in Laguna myself, and the show doesn't remotely resemble the real thing. Then again, it's MTV. Why would it have more accuracy in this show than they did with the Real World?? Nope, they film what they want, and edit it the way they want, and to hell with whether it's an accurate portrayal or not.

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    I just started watching this show today and I really like it. I was not sure if it was real or fake at first then I watched about 4 episodes and really got into it. I hope they do another season of it.

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    has anyone talked to the people on the show?

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    The show seemed alittle staged to me at first, but then what show isn't twisted in its on way by mtv? its almost like an unwritten rule.

    It seems really stupid to agree to something like that when you think about it, its obvious that nothing good came out of this show for the cast members.

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    Oh my God-who the hell talks like that anyway-"Like that's so gnarlayyy." Kristen needs to take a speech class and quit with that whiny voice she has. She doesn't say "Stephen" she says, "Steeeeeband." Oh boy.

    The only good looking people I really see are Kristen, Lo and Stephen. Everyone else is pretty average looking and Christina's just plain weird looking. They talk about "they're rich and beautiful." Rich maybe but most of them are okayyy looking.
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    Actually, i think morgan looks weird. Lc is pretty.
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