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Thread: Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

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    Rockys ass gets dumped!

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    Yeah, and it makes me sad for her. She seems like a sweet girl. And she was so happy.

    That guy she dated must have been a complete jerk. Telling her he loved her then telling his friend he was "not falling in love or anything". What a s***head. He's obviously another Cameron, playing the girls because he knows the camera is there. He seemed nice, but I guess he's just a jerk.

    Cameron is full of it. He breaks it off with Jessica when anyone can tell he likes her. He kept on saying he didn't want her to kick him out of her life, and he loves hanging out with her but....but what, dumb ass? That means you like her! Again, playing the stud for the drama. Ugly too. Poor Jess, wonder when she will learn. She freaks me out, she cant ever just speak her mind and say what's pissed her off, she acts all coy about it and can't seem to be herself. I guess shes a nervous sort of girl or something, but she comes across as defensive and of course a guy will get tired of that. If she would grow up a little bit and relax, just be herself, then maybe something would work out for her.

    As for Tessa and her new guy friend, he is part of that whole group that hangs with Kyndra's bitch crew. But seems nicer so far. But damn! when she walked into that barbeque at his house, I felt sorry for her...she said "hi" to them all, to everyone there I guess, and that witch Kyndra said it was boring there and were they all ready to go. She's just downright nasty. I can't believe these girls act this way with the cameras on them. It's quite ridiculous, they have no reason to be as hateful as they are. I hope those guys quit hanging out with them but they won't. It reminds me of how dumb high school kids can really be. And how mean. I felt horrible for Tessa and I was just here in my house watching! I can't believe their parents don't tell them it does NOT make them look cool to be so mean. Of course lots of teenagers don't listen to their parents anyway, lol. I know I wasn't in the habit of doing that. I'm rambling now. I'm sleepy.

    I'm not looking forward to this next episode at all. I hate to see Rocky get hurt. ugh.


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    rocky and her boyfriend are painful to watch. They are just soooo boring. Neither one of them has ever much to say to the other one. I could have told it was doomed from the moment they introduced him.

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    Looks like Nikki and the gang are getting hardcore. **cough**COKEHEADS**cough**
    This seriously disgusts me.
    What, does she think she's a rosk star now?!?1
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    Partying (with coke) in high school? Bad bad bad. It's a dangerous drug at any age - but when you're young like that, you're much more likely to do something stupid (like too much at once). If you know you're on a tv show - why would you possibly let someone take pictures of you cutting up a big pile of blow? Are there any other kids we know in that picture? Is that Derick on the end?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darellwins;2100422;
    Can you believe that pig spen 4,000 dollars on clothes? are you kidding me
    I totally gagged when the cashier said the total.
    The camera did cut away and we didn't see how she paid, if she paid at all, for her purchases. Wonder if MTV paid or if the boutique gave her the items because the boutique was on the show?
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    Honestly, Kristen is the real reason why most people watch the show - also why season 2 was so focused around her.

    Personally, though both Jessica and Alex are tools, Jessica is just plain hotter. End of discussion. She's annoying, but I think most viewers will agree that they'd prefer her over Alex.

    Sidenote: I wanna move to the OC

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    The Laguna Beach kids do drugs just like kids in high school all over america. They just have more money to buy more drugs. Last year, pictures surfaced of Stephen taking bong hits and one of Alex and a big bottle of liquor. You can tell they are messed up in many scenes throuhout LB history. To name just a few: Jason and Jessica's fight in the back of the limo (do you think he was just a little drunk), Kristin and Alex at the Mardi Gras party last year (it really looked like e to me) and I would wager to guess one of the reasons Jason was always so quiet was because the boy was baked out of his brain. I have heard rumors that Jessica really likes to smoke pot and that is why she becomes friends with so many guys. Why do you think she is so much fun to hand out with, until you become her boyfriend.
    Jason was recently arrested in NYC for having drugs on him and you know that the "cool kid" inner circle parties all have the secret no cameras allowed room.

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    Tessa looked so cute with her new boyfriend!!! I hope it works out well. And I hope that she won't forget about Rocky. Rocky had a boyfriend (seemed to be breaking up now) but never forgot that Tessa was her best friend. I hope Tessa treats Rocky with the same respect.

    It's sad that Cameron thinks he's so hot. It's sad that Jessica just keep chasing what't not hers. It's really sad that Cami wasted 4K for nothing.

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    Isn't that Tessa's boyfriend in one of the pics in the bottom right corner. I guess he's not that geat of a boyfriend after all!!

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