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Thread: EM: Home Edition 09/26 - "The Wofford Family"

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    Saw the rerun of this last night. It was really great.

    I sure needed this show when I was little! My dad passed away unexpectedly when I was 2 and I'm the youngest of 9. We had one bathroom and 5 brothers in one large basement room. Jeez - where was Ty when you need him? (okay, he probably wasn't even alive, but that doesn't matter!!)

    So, needless to say, I had a major mush-soft-spot for this family!

    Love how the community rallied around them

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    I saw the re-run as well. My hubby says I cant watch this show anymore because I cry to much!

    I lost it when dad said the 18 year old son never complained or was ashamed or embarrassed about sleeping in the garage. And saying what a great son he was. I was bawling.

    And when he saw the bibles of his and his wife together on the desk....I was sobbing so hard I had to pause it...(thank God for TIVO)

    What a great show.
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