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Thread: The Surreal Life: The Real World Gone Wrong

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    why thank you, ya made me blush...just callin' 'em like I see 'em though...I guess Hammer had Corey squealing like a pig and Jerri/Manny...come 'ere boy, you got a purty mouth.

    I think it's cool that Gabrielle slipped into Housemom mode, I'd daresay some of these folks need a little mothering, parenting, guidance...not too late for that, is it?

    Hey, did ya'll catch Vince's mom on VHI/Driven/Motley Crue? She said she was jealous back at the beginning of his career because he did make-up better than she did! And, Vince was a child model!

    Here's a model Vince story for ya:


    I simply adore the picture and caption...

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    i loved it, too, 2ndToe! i have to post it so everyone else can enjoy!

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    I thought Vince was just bloody adorable in his little camping hat with his chubby little cheeks.

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