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Thread: "Without Prejudice" on BBCAmerica

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    "Without Prejudice" on BBCAmerica

    For a fascinating look into how individuals process information and judge other people, you won't want to miss Without Prejudice.

    In a compelling new genre concoction - part unscripted drama, part game show, with a dash of feisty political opinion - a panel of ordinary members of the public are given the ultimate power of choice. They must select from give candidates who should receive $40,000 for doing nothing more than being themselves.

    Host Lisa Tarbuck guides panel members through each stage of the process where little by little they learn more facts about each individual. But will it come down to who they like the most... or who they hate the least? Elimating the contestants one by one, there is a crucial question they cannot ask - how would they spend the prize money?


    Has anyone seen this? It is essentially a game show where a panel judges who they want to give money to, based on appearance, a brief biography, etc. It is as telling about the judges as it is the contestants.
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    It's a very good show. It debuted here in the UK last year on C4 and is a very simple concept.

    A panel of five (from the general public) judge on which of five contestants should win 50,000 (reduced to 20,000 in the second season).

    In round 1 they just introduce themselves and are judged on first impressions before one is eliminated.

    In round 2 the panel choose three of six categories to judge the contestants on (eg Work, Lifestyle, Family etc) before eliminating another. The other three categories form round 3. One of these categories is based on hidden camera footage, seeing how a person reacts when they don't know they are being filmed (eg - the producer gives them too much to cover expenses!)

    The remaining two then are each interviewed by the panel before the final judgement is made. The finalists are recalled into the studio one at a time to discover the winner - and then the winner reveals how they would spend the money.

    Catch it if you can!

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