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Thread: How Clean Is Your House - Lifetime Television for Women

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    Oh my....How Clean Is Your House?

    First of all, I too want to say I am a big CLEAN SWEEP FAN! I really miss Stacey Dutton as the host, but that's how the TLC cookie crumbles (constantly ).

    Finally had the chance to see this show and couldn't believe what is being portrayed on these shows !

    These people are actually living in 3rd world squalor and the show does not seem to address reasons why these homes are in this condition other than one lady stated she was "lazy" and the other show pointed fingers at a mother and her son as the culprits. Sure, the two women come, they gasp, they smell and they bring in a crew to clean but does it really solve the problem or is it just a temporary bandaid? I think there are definitely more psychological issues here but the show seems to only want to promote the two Brits as brave enough to encounter these horrid dwellings and emerge as heros. The only decent part is the cleaning hints. Most of the products touted are ones that normal homes keep stocked. I guess the homes that these women visit have NO products at all judging from the looks of the rooms.

    I am still queasy from seeing the one lady's condo. Apparently she was just too lazy to clean and left her chewed gum anywhere and everywhere possible. I know that some of these shows "enhance" rooms for filming, but what person in their right mind would really put up with the unsanitary conditions just to be on a show unless they were a total fame whore or maybe they are getting compensated? At least in Clean Sweep, the HO's usually sign up for assistance in controlling their clutter and regaining the space in the homes. They are educated in organization, released of the endless clutter that they really don't need and get two great rooms in the process.

    If anyone out there knows more on the background of this particular show, I would definitely love to hear more about it. Is there anyone out there who has been on this show posting to the FoRT? Please chime in and tell us more about this process and be truthful.

    This is definitely one show where they should do more than just the 2 week follow up.

    Sorry if this seems so fragmented, but after seeing those two episodes last night I'm still nauseated....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruella_DeVil
    First of all, I too want to say I am a big CLEAN SWEEP FAN! I really miss Stacey Dutton as the host,
    yes she was nice but I like Tava a lot too

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    While channel surfing a little while ago, I just caught part of this show for the first time. It was with the guy who's dogs seemed to run the house. I just caught the tail end of it, as they just finished cleaning, so didn't see the grimy details...

    But when they showed the 'before' pics... omg, made my stomach turn. And how little self-respect these people must have to agree to have their homes and the filthy conditions they're in put out there for millions of the viewing public to see.... If for whatever horrible reason I could ever have for having even one room, even one tiny closet looking like any of those rooms, and if anyone ever saw it and knew it was in my house... omg I'd never be able to show my face to them again, I'd be so ashamed.

    omg... I need to go take a shower, that show left me feeling so dirty, lol
    I live in my own world. But it's ok, they know me there.
    Kid Nation... a sad day for society when the exploitation of children becomes acceptable entertainment for television viewers.
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    Anyone catch the two episodes last night (Mon. 12/20)? What on earth would possess someone to live like this? The first episode was three stand-up comedians living in filth, mold, urine, and cigarettes everywhere! Gross! But the second episode showed this single guy (who'll I'll bet the farm will be single the rest of his life, given the way he lives!) living with two big dogs, four years of dog hair piled everywhere, cobwebs on everything, moldy food, etc., but the gagger for me was feces all around the rim of the toilet! It was so disturbing! But these women who get in there and clean, they're not afraid of anything! They cleaned this guy's poop! I just hope they're making a fortune from this show. Not enough money in the world .....

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    I LOVE Kim and Aggie and they probably have made a fortune. They've had 2 best selling books in the UK. It still amazes me why people would let the world see how they live! Anyway, I always think my house looks spotless after i see their show!

    AND did you know that Aggie used to work for MI5!!
    Act your age, not your shoe size!

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    Well, it makes me feel pretty good about myself! I always say when you find dog hair in your freezer it's time to lower your standards a little...

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    Anybody catch Grandma's unvisitable house (aired 11:30 on 1/3)? HOLY CLUTTERBUG BATMAN! Obsessive shopping habits, my goodness! There was just TONS of stuff in every single room of her house, a good bit of it brand new and still in the store bags....there is a time to say no! (note to self, need to keep this recording for my Mom so that she can see her future, she's got this problem as well) I think the scariest thing was the kitchen of the house cause I believe the daughter said that the sink had broken 2 years ago and since then the dishes had just piled up??!!??

    Anyways, not the dirtiest house I've seen on the show, but definitely the most cluttered....it was just plain scary!

    I've also decided that I just adore Kim....each and every show she just cracks me up parading about these houses in her little mini skirt and high heels climbing in places she doesn't need to be with Aggie looking on giggling at her.

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    I was channel surfing and caught this show a few weeks ago. It was a single redheaded woman with a few cats. I don't remember what she did for a living but she loved to cook. I could not believe the filth of her home. There was cat puke and cat poop all over the floors. There were shoes with crusted on cat puke. There was so much loose fur around, there was enough to make 2 more cats. I'm not even gonna mention the kitchen, its too nauseating. Her bathroom tub was filled with puked on shoes, grime and filth. Its obvious she doesn't use the shower with all the crap in there. So where the heck do these people shower and eat? Its disgusting people actually live in this filth. I've seen condemned slums that looked cleaner. What pigs.

    It did have some great home remedy cleaning tips though.

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