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Thread: Australian Idol 2

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    Australian Idol 2

    Is anyone else watching the show or keeping up with it online(like me)?

    It seems like there is some good talent but I haven't picked a favorite yet. Last year I had picked Cosima and Paulini pretty early on.

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    Darn it, I have no one to discuss the show with...

    Well, the competition is already down to the top ten and it is getting good. It is much better than American Idol in many ways. I like how the contestants sing obscure and unknown songs...American Idols tend to sing cheesy, played out crap which irritates the ears. (Ex - Heard it through the grapevine)

    The Judges - Love all three of them. They seem to have genuine interest in the progress of the contestants and have respect for one another. They also play around and joke around a lot more than Simon, Paula and Randy do. One thing to note is that the female judge, Marcia Hines, is worse than Paula when it comes to beating around the bush.....she rarely criticizes the contesants. Another good note is that there is never a distasteful comment. (Such as Simon's stupid comparisons...(Amy as Jay leno's sister and Trenyce as a drag act) Every comment is meant to help each contestant get better.

    The Contestants - (In order of my preference)

    1. Hayley Jensen - The Australian Rock Chick. She is just great. She is an asset to the competition and it is a shame she was in the bottom two last Monday. Her performances of "Left Outside Alone" and "Weir" were awesome. Hope she goes far.

    2. Daniel Belle- Let me just say this, I am not a huge fan of male voices, but Australian idol has some great male singers. Daniel has blown the competition away the last two weeks. I predict he will be the winner.

    3. Chanel Cole- The retro girl. Shes straight from the 1920's lol. She is truly unique, but in America she would be labeled lounge singer. She wears peacock feathers in her hair and all. Her performance of History Repeating was truly amazing.

    4. Ricki-Lee - The fun, hot girl. Ricki-Lee is beautiful, but I feel that her voice has limitations. She has great song choice and should go far.

    5. Casey Donovan - The punk, outcast, big girl. In my opinion, she would have never made it on American Idol. Big, black make-up, black trashy clothes and dread-locks. She has an amazing voice and hopefully the Australians will keep her for weeks to come.

    6. Courtney Murphy - The big guy with a unique voice. He has a low raspy voice and I am very suprised he has the range that he has. I think he is top 5 for sure....

    7. Anthony Calea - the teeny bopper heaven guy. He has a good voice with good range, but seems a bit fake to me. One thing that bugs me about him is that he is trying to sport a modern mullet...not working. Also, he sang R. Kelly's "Ignition." He has no "fro" and should not have been singing that song....

    8. Amali Ward - the good Voice, but even better looks girl. I like Amali, but I do have some problems with her voice. I was excited when I found out that she was going to sing "shackles" but was a bit disappointed. When she looks intot he camera she seems so blank and she has no passion in her voice. I am just waiting for her to blow everyone away...hopefully she will be given the chance.

    9. Marty - The bald rocker guy. One word...Boring. His only performance that blew me away was "Somewhere only we know". Ever since then, his performances have been blah.

    10. Emilia - The crying mother. Okay, she has a good voice, but did she really deserve to be in the competition above Ngairre Joseph? I do not think so. Thank GOD for the 5-6 standout performers this competition has, or the judges would really be missing Ngairre right now...

    Prediction for Monday's results - Emilia gets the boot with Amali in the second to last spot.
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    and Amali gets the boot - not a big suprise, but the people at the official board are taking it quite hard .....

    Bottom 3 - Marty, Hayley, Amali

    How is Emilia still in it????????

    And yes, I realize I am talking to myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burntcrow
    And yes, I realize I am talking to myself.

    I didn't know this thread existed! I'll join you

    I must say I really liked Dan among all the male contestants; too bad he didn't make it. Courtney and Daniel have pretty amazing voices and I think they'll make the top few.

    I adore Ricki-Lee, she knows what works for her and she can work it on the stage! I'm also a huge fan of Hayley, Chanel and Casey.

    I'll check back in Monday and post my thoughts regarding who's left the competition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Death

    I didn't know this thread existed! I'll join you
    Good to know death is with me lol.

    But really, finally someone to discuss the show with me!

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    Woohoo! Emilia is gone!

    Casey/Marty/Emilia bottom three

    I think this spells doom for Haley though...

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    I can't say I was sad to see Emelia gone. When it came down to Marty and Emelia, I wasn't nervous (like I usually am).

    That said, for an "untrained" voice, Emelia's journey went a lot farther than anyone could have imagined and kudos to her for that.

    Why do you think Hayley might be in trouble? I think if Hayley delivers a fantastic song this Sunday, she'll be ok.

    I loved Ricki-Lee's performance, she's my idol hehe.

    I really want a chick to win this time!

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    where its beautiful one day perfect the next
    Be aware I am going to be negative, its the mood I am in today
    I really dont think this lot are as talented as last years. Chanel annoys me, playing up to the camera all the time it gets really old. How is Marty still there? He has had such bad performances the last couple of weeks. I used to like Courtney but now he is just so cocky he annoys me. Daniel is limited in what he can sing and Casey has such a great voice but something in her personality puts me off. Riki Lee is ok but I dont think her voice is that strong her Michael Jackson attempt was interesting and brave and I guess thats better than playing it safe like some of the others. Haley is is ok but that red dress was a mistake. Oh, I have to face it I really liked Dan he was good to look at and since he left its just gone down hill for me. I dont know who will win but I so hope its not Chanel.
    Oh and I hate the fact that they can vote for themselves. It just seems very wrong to me.

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    Hey all!

    I would have been ok if Marty or Emilia left so same here death.

    I for one thought Hayley's red dress was awesome. She looked gorgeous. The reason I think she is in trouble is because she is one of the consistent bottom vote-getters. Typically, the way this goes is...Person is in the bottom three, the fans save them the next week and he/she is no longer in the bottom 3....but then the following week the fans go back to not voting because he/she was safe and gets eliminated....It happened with Emilia and Amali, and I hope it doesn't happen to Hayley.

    Lucynda, thanks for joining us! I think everyone in this competition has there flaws. There is not one stand-out consistently wow performer every week but I feel the talent is evenly spread out and not lopsided which is good...it keeps you guessing because it is hard to predict the winner. Dan, imo, was one of the weakest voices in the competition. I was shocked when he left so early, but it was a pleasant shock.

    Courtney is getting boring honestly and the only performance I liked was "You weren't in love with me" Anthony, I am sorry, but if he doesn't win this thing, I don't think he will be making it big anytime soon..his voice is just, I dunno, I can't put my finger on it.

    So here are my preferences..
    1. Hayley
    2. Daniel
    3. Ricki-Lee
    4. Chanel
    5. Casey
    6. Courtney
    7. Anthony
    8. Marty
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    wow! Daniel gone..I was not expecting that. Bottom 3 Daniel/Chanel/Hayley


    1. Hayley: she always picks great songs and I am very happy she escaped the boot this week!

    2. Casey: Great voice, but I did not think her george song deserved a touchdown.

    3. Ricki-Lee: There is just something about her voice. She doesn't have a whitney or tina voice, but yet she keeps on singing their songs making her sound pale in comparison.

    4. Anthony: The move up was only based on his italian song, because "carwash" and "ignition" were just bad.

    5. Chanel: Good lord, can she be anymore uptight and inflexible! She is starting to get boring. Always the same type of songs and she is not open to suggestions or advice. I agree with Marcia on this one, belt something to WOW the voters and show them that you are worthy.

    6. Marty: He just picks really bad songs. Where are ngairre and angie when you need them?

    7. Courtney: Boring!

    Oh man, it looks like I need a nap, I am a bit grumpy.

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