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Thread: Hot Proprerty

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    Hot Proprerty

    Does anyone watch this show? It is set in Britain but also fun to watch. I really enjoy it when a couple actually wins the home. Totally different styles etc but interesting.

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    I get far too engrossed in this show and actually have caught myself cheering when a couple I like wins the house.
    I believe they initally had to be within 1000 pounds (no pound sign on this keyboard) either way to win, but they changed that to 500 pounds either way, or perhaps it was the other way round and I saw older shows first.
    I think that's a pretty tall order, which makes me all the more happy for the couples when they win.

    I really like how the Estate agent gives his/her view of each property and points out some positive an negative things the couple probably wouldn't have considered.

    Being British myself, it's interesting for me to see how the property market is doing over there.
    House prices have sky-rocketed and I can understand how so many couples find it very difficult to get on the housing ladder.
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    I watch this show when I remember - I've never seen a couple win

    I can't wait until I do. If I knew I was chosen for the show I'd be allllll over my prefered neighbourhood checking out prices
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    I totally love this show!!! I have seen quite a few couples who have won and it is very exciting! I thought that they had to be within 1000 pounds whilst in Britain, and within 2000 euros whilst in europe. And I agree, I would do a LOT of homework prior. I enjoy taking a peek into the housing market overseas.

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