This show is always kind of fun with normal people. Good to see (kidding) that Erik Estrada is still trying to ride the reality scene.

Body Challenge: Hollywood is a four-hour series that challenges celebrities to get fit, healthy and thin. Our cameras/The show will follow these stars for 12 weeks and profile the profound changes that transpire in their lives. Contestants include Erik Estrada, Kim Whitley, David Higgins, Charlene Tilton, Christopher Knight and Susan Olsen.

Episode 1 - Sept 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT
In Hollywood, stars are expected to be thin. Slim figures are worshipped, and looking good often equals big bucks! In this town of glitz and glamour even an extra 10 pounds can cost you a job. But the pressure to be thin has caused some celebs to take drastic and often unhealthy measures to lose weight.

Now these six are fighting Hollywood's weight demands by taking off their extra pounds the right way in the Discovery Health Channel Body Challenge: Hollywood! Over the next 12 weeks these stars will attempt to transform their lives, reshape their bodies and get back the fabulous figures they once flaunted in front of the camera!

Each celebrity challenger will be given a private fitness trainer, who will tailor a workout program specifically designed for him or her. The participants will also receive nutritional guidance with their diets and compete in fitness challenges. Every four weeks they will gather for a moment of truth to reveal their weight and body fat ups and downs. A panel of experts will then determine who has made the most positive life change and choose the winner!

Our challengers meet for the first time at a photo shoot, where, as true celebs, they try to put their best face forward while those unwanted pounds.

Let's meet our celebs!

Episode 2 - Sept 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT
To make it big in Tinseltown, these celebs have spent years working hard, staying focused and being disciplined. Now they'll have to use that same determination and dedication if they want to succeed in the Body Challenge: Hollywood.

Episode 3 - Sept 15 at 8 p.m. ET/PT
In Hollywood, body image is everything. The thin and beautiful are idealized by the media and fans alike, while stars who aren't in tip-top shape are scrutinized and ripped apart for even being slightly overweight.

But Hollywood's perfect 10s are about to have some competition. These six celebrities have signed on to take the Body Challenge: Hollywood. Six weeks into the challenge, they are making great strides in shedding their extra pounds, trimming off the fat and toning up their once flabby bodies.

Episode 4 - Sept 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT
After 12 weeks of hard work, it's finally time to see which of our celebrities will experience a Hollywood ending to their weight-loss journey and win the challenge. In true star style, the celebs arrive to the final "Moment of Truth" and show off their new shapely bodies.