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Thread: If you can't take the heat, get out of FOX's "Hell's Kitchen"

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    If you can't take the heat, get out of FOX's "Hell's Kitchen"


    Casting has begun on HELL'S KITCHEN (working title), a new unscripted series for FOX which will begin production this summer and will air later this season on FOX. HELL'S KITCHEN is a culinary boot camp that features the drama of a group of wannabe cordon bleu cooks and aspiring restaurateurs running a top-class restaurant, and is overseen by world-renowned but equally terrifying Head Chef, Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay and HELL'S KITCHEN will serve daily helpings of terror, tears, tantrums and triumphs.

    Ramsay, a former pro-soccer player-turned-Michelin-starred chef will cross the pond to the United States' hotbed of haute cuisine, Los Angeles, CA., to open the city's newest restaurant, staff it with would-be head chefs, and turn it into the city's top hot spot.

    Adapted from the wildly successful British short-run series of the same name, HELL'S KITCHEN will follow the competing chefs 24/7, capturing all the drama, intrigue and high emotion as they strive to open their restaurant. These ambitious hopefuls believe they have the drive, talent and desire to one day run their own restaurant and they will be tossed into the cauldron working under Ramsay, fighting for survival.

    Casting for participants is underway and whether they already have culinary experience -- a burger flipper, a mother of six or a BBQ whiz -- one thing they will all have in common is a passion for cooking.

    These future contestants will believe they have what it takes to work in the adrenalin-fueled atmosphere of a busy kitchen ... but they haven't worked for the perfectionist Ramsay before. A man they may fear and respect in equal measure, he will be assessing their performance and driving them to achieve the best. For him, failure is not an option, and nothing or no one will stand in his way. So for the trainees, this means one thing -- they are in for the toughest weeks of their lives.

    Each week Ramsay will slice and dice the contestants, keeping those who possess the right combination of ingredients to ensure success.

    The ultimate prize for the winning chef is to have his or her own restaurant and that is exactly what awaits if they are the last cook left in HELL'S KITCHEN.

    Applications for potential chefs/restaurateurs are available at www.fox.com.

    HELL'S KITCHEN is produced by Granada Entertainment and A. Smith & Co. Paul Jackson and Arthur Smith serve as executive producers.

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    My friend Matt was actually approached in Boston while they were doing casting calls for Hell's Kitchen. He was actually interviewed by the casting people and said he had a great time with it. He doesn't really cook much, even at home, so I don't know what his chances are. But he definitely has a reality TV look about him, he's gorgeous! In one way I hope he makes it, but in one way I hope he dosen't....I don't want him to leave for 6 weeks!

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    Gordon Ramsey is one of the stellar chefs in the culinary world. He makes DiSpirito's cooking look like Chef Boyardee stuff
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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