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Thread: Extreme Makeover Fans in Los Angeles?

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    Extreme Makeover Fans in Los Angeles?

    I'm looking for people with opinions on extreme makeovers to sit in the audience of a major talk show in Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 10.

    Do you love Extreme Makeovers? Think Plastic Surgery is amazing? Or do you think it's sick and wrong?

    For more info call 323.956.3319 and ask for Jennifer.

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    Extreme Makeover

    Don't get excited! I don't live in LA but I have been trying to find someone that is able to get their hands on some programs of Extreme Mekover for me as I deparately need it for my research. My problem is I live in Australia and all my efforts have failed so far and its not airing here at the moment. They aired the first season, but I missed it.
    If you could help, or know of anyone who can I would appreciate it vey much!

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    I was on Extreme Makeover about a year ago. I was the New York SPecial Edition. I have copies of my show if that would help. Let me know.
    Yonex 46

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    Thanks heaps, I sent you a PM so please let me know if you got it!

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