ABC 'Makeover' Under Knife for Spring Return
2 hours, 26 minutes ago

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - ABC's primetime schedule seems poised for an "Extreme Makeover."

Nothing's official yet, but the network is in negotiations to order about six additional episodes of the before-and-after hour in which civilians are radically reconstructed, often via plastic surgery.

Industry buzz has the format launching as a weekly series in March or April, perhaps on Thursday nights. But in fact, ABC executives haven't yet formally decided whether to use "Makeover" as a series or a series of specials, network insiders said.

It's no surprise that ABC is looking for more episodes of "Makeover." The original November special produced boffo Nielsen numbers (13.1 million viewers overall), prompting immediate speculation about more episodes.

And just a few days after the show aired, ABC gave the show's producers, Lighthearted Entertainment, the go-ahead to begin casting for new "Makeover" candidates.