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Thread: Affleck trumps with reality show

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    Affleck trumps with reality show

    Affleck trumps with reality show

    July 30, 2004

    NEW YORK: Move over, Donald Trump. Again. Yet another suit-and-tie reality show in the vein of The Apprentice is slated to hit the airwaves.

    American Start-Up, produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's LivePlanet production company, will fund eight baby businesses with $US50,000 seed capital, then eliminate them if they don't measure up, Spike TV's programming and production executive vice-president Kevin Kay announced.

    "We believe in the contribution and independent spirit of the American entrepreneur," executive producer Affleck said.

    Unlike the Trump-filled The Apprentice, Affleck and Damon won't tell contestants they're fired during the 10 episodes of American Start-Up.

    Instead, a board comprised of successful entrepreneurs, tycoons and venture capitalists will guide and review the eager contestants.

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    John, I posted an article regarding the show as well, over here: Matt Damon And Ben Affleck To Produced An Apprentice-like Show

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