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Thread: Monster House: Shark House

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    Monster House: Shark House

    I was very interested to see this one, because we were told last summer that Discovery wanted a shark house for shark week. It would have been ours, but they couldn't do the work soon enough to make the deadline. The whole coral-reef foam living room was exactly what I thought we'd get, what I'd hoped for, and what I expected to see at our reveal. After seeing the shark house, I think I'm relieved we didn't get it. Colorful and beautiful, and perfect for someone else's livingroom! I was also interested in their fish tank, because I'd heard through the MH grapevine they'd hoped to do a real shark tank. You need like 1000 gallon tank for that! No way could they saddle an unsuspecting person with the maintenance cost for 1000 gallon tank (a rule of thumb--at least in Malibu--is $1/gallon/month for weekly professional maintenance). I was laughing to see they'd ended up with a 125 freshwater instead. That's quite a bit more practical.

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    I liked this one, the crew all worked together real well. At first on the reveal it didn't seem like much was done till you remember they had to tear the whole ceiling out and vault it higher, as an old construction guy, I know that was a major endevour. You really got to want what you ask for to enjoy that couch. Not in my house either

    side question: Pam, I missed the end of the x-mas house last week to find out why they were selling all the stuff, what was the reason?

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    Joeguy, they hated it. A lot of the stuff actually never worked, such as the snow globe and the train (which consistently fell off the track to the floor). Then the village took up a whole room very impractically, and the ice skating floor was slippery and dangerous even after they scrubbed off all the lubie spray that made it skateable. Monster House called the HO's a few days after the shoot to arrange to come and finish up some work and Nancy, the wife, broke down crying. Monster House agreed to go back and take it all out, and then they held the Monster Garage Sale. People hate poor Nancy on the Monster House/Discovery Channel board for being ungrateful. She has several posts where she explains it all. I stood up for her and then I got flamed too!

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    I never watch this show, my husband made me watch it yesterday...that living room...my God. Trading Spaces gone wild. That room was from hell, although admittedly I did like the aquarium in the wall. I can't imagine walking into that room every day. Yikes.
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    I remember seeing the Xmas show and thinking that half of it was a waste of space. I don't blame the owners for getting rid of it. The Shark house was neat, but I am surprised that Steve let them use foam as he was so against it before. I guess he found out that it isn't that bad if used by a profesional.
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