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Thread: King of the Jungle II

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    I missed Tony's show.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata
    Now, now, you don't want to give the snake indigestion.
    I like snakes even less than I like Madison. This would have been a total win/win situation for me.

    Thank goodness this show is over. I couldn't stop watching, but lost interest after Lang was eliminated. I wonder, if they will give up, revamp or try this same awful premise again. Good sharing with you folks.

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    [B]King of the Jungle 2 was stupid. First off, it was unlike the first one, in which people had actual prior experience with animals, most of these people on the second version, were scared of the animals. As for the winner, I don't see him in any Animal Planet shows, they will show him in maybe one segment about green mamabas, then he will get bitten by one and die, and then they can bring in someone who isn't afraid of animals to be the new star. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by libra1022
    (Tony) was a very gracious winner, which was great, and really seemed to be taking good things home from his experience on the show.
    I even got a little emotional that Tony won. He was so humble, and positive about his whole experience. I was getting a little worried when he missed the first few questions.

    Patrick is such a gentle soul, so it would not have been that bad if he had won, but I was rooting for Tony (after Lang was gone).

    I totally forgot to watch Tony's special on Wednesday, but hopefully, I can catch it on a re-run. From the sounds of it, Tony did a pretty good job. I'm really happy for him.

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    Wolf, I just checked my TV listings for ya and I'm seeing the winner's special replaying on Saturday 3pm, Sunday 10pm, and early Monday morning at 1am (all times are EST). Hope one of those is at a good time for you cause I enjoyed the show and hopefully you will as well.

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    Thanks for getting the times of the special, I wasn't going to watch but I just finished watching the finale and the preview looked good.

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    9/28 - finale recap

    Part 1.

    Opening Shot

    Bee comments that Tony was hurt by Shannonís parting comments where she said that the only reason Tony won was because of the speed of his arms.

    Tony comments that it wasnít cool what Shannon said, that she said nothing about his intelligence. If he was just a dumb football player she would still be here not him.

    Bee and Tony walk back to camp where Patrick greets them.

    All three start to talk about when they first got here and how they thought they would do and how they thought others would do.

    Bee comments that she is proud to be the final woman.

    It is time for the challenge and Bee, Tony and Patrick go into the jungle to meet Madison and a wildlife photographer. They are shown how to use a Nikon camera with a telephoto lens. Then they are given a lesson in how to compose a photograph. The challenge is to take the best photographs of 3 subjects, a crown crane, a white-handed gibbon and a Siberian tiger. They are given only one roll of film. (donít know how many exposures) They are shown photographing the 3 subjects and then return to Madison who tells them that the film needs to be developed and judged and they will meet back there the next day. They go back to camp and there is a long montage on them remembering the previous players.

    Bird Mail

    All three go to meet Scott and they are introduced to a female 2 yr old orangutan. The orangutan is very shy so they all have to be very quiet until she overcomes her shyness and starts to play with them. She slaps Tony. Bee holds her arms and the orangutan does flips through Beeís arms and Patrick and the baby mimic each other.

    We learn that orangutan means old person of the forest, that they are found in Borneo and Sumatra in the rain forest. That they are mainly fruit eaters but will eat up to 400 varieties of fruit and vegetables. They are arboreal (tree dwellers) and that their muscle structure is very different from ours. Their arm muscles are pulling muscles, this makes them very strong climbers as opposed to humans, where our muscles are more outward going. Orangutans give birth once every 8 yrs and the younger orangutans stay with their mothers and learn how to raise their young by watching their mothers. They have very coarse hair which helps shed the rain and prevents their skin from getting wet.

    Now it is time to find out who has the best photograph.

    Bee, Tony and Patrick meet with Madison and the photographer. He has picked the 5 best shots but he does not know who took them.

    The first photo is of the Siberian Tiger rolling on itís back. It is Patrickís. 5th palce.

    The second photo is of the tiger chewing palm fronds. It is Beeís. 4th place

    The third photo is of the gibbon. It is Tonyís. 3rd place.

    The fourth photo is also of the gibbon. It is Beeís. 2nd place.

    The fifth photo is of the crown crane. It is Patrickís. 1st place.

    Patrick is King of the Jungle. Bee and Tony will go into the Lionís Pit.

    Tony comments that he is not on a winning streak.

    In the Pit.

    Question 1: What type of food is the main staple of the orangutanís diet?

    Bee wins. (The editing is very weird, it looks as if Tony didnít even try. It looks staged)
    Answer: fruit. Correct.
    She chops.
    Tony is safe.

    Question 2: How old is the orangutan that the pride met today?

    Tony wins. (Again the editing is very weird, it looks as if Bee didnít even try. It looks staged.)
    Answer: 2 yrs old. Correct.
    He chops.
    She is gone.

    There are a lot of mushy good byes. Bee leaves the Lionís Pit.

    Final comments from Bee: she mentions that she won the most challenges and the most totems but that doesnít mean she was the winner.

    Part 2.

    Lots of comments from Patrick and Tony and flashbacks of previous players. We see and here comments from everyone.

    Tony and Patrick go to their reward. It is a 20 foot python. It is a reticulated Python, which is a constrictor and found in Indonesia, in the rain forest near lake and rivers. It is an ambush predator. It Ďs mouth has a 100 teeth that are angled toward the back of their mouths so once they have a grip on their prey it is very hard for the prey to escape. This python weighs 200 lbs. It can easily eat a 50 lb pig and has been known to eat humans. Pythons will eat deer although their main prey is waterfowl. They can dislocate their jaws and get them around the antlers. Pythons are strong enough to break the antlers or they will partially swallow the animal and let their stomach acids dissolve the antlers for them. Pythons will hunt from trees, from the ground or water. They lay 40 Ė50 eggs, sometimes up to 100 eggs. They have a very strong maternal instinct and are very protective of their eggs. They will warm the eggs by circling the nest with their bodies and will turn the eggs by twitching their bodies, this is so the body heat is evenly distributed over the eggs. Once the eggs hatch the mother leaves the young to fend for themselves. The young are 2 ft in length and will grow 6 to 8 ft in the first 2 years, then the growth rate will slow down. Because they are so big they move in an inch worm like fashion as opposed the s-shaped fashion of smaller snakes.

    Next the final challenge.

    Tony and Patrick meet Madison next to a maze like structure built into a low lying area that is partially submerged. There are 5 entrances and 5 exits into and out of the maze. Tony and Patrick have 4 minutes to crawl on their stomachs around the maze. The object is to collect eggs. These eggs represent an advantage in the last Lionís Pit. There is also an egg waiting by the finish line.

    They start. Patrick finds the first egg. Then Tony finds an egg and manages to get to one of the exits, he goes back into the maze to find more eggs. He finds a second egg. Madison calls the time at 2 minutes. Patrick decides to get out and he grabs the egg as the finish line. Both Tony and Patrick have 2 eggs. There were 4 eggs altogether. Tony and Patrick walk back to camp.

    Tony and Patrick break down the cots and bedding and kitchen equipment and pack it back into the crates they found when they first got to camp. They both comment about the previous players and again we see a montage of them. Lang is remembered as making the girls very nervous and he had to go. Both Patrick and Tony comment that Lang was a good guy. Tony comments that Henry looked great for a 50 yr old and he hopes that he looks so good when he is 50. More flashbacks.

    Both walk to the Lionís Pit.

    Madison explains that since both found 2 eggs that both will have 2 advantages. The advantage is an additional lifeline. One for each egg found. Both sides have 4 additional lifelines. Madison chops 2 on each side so now there are only 2 extra lifelines per player. Tony and Patrick hang their totems on the logs.

    This is the final test of who will be King of the Jungle. Speed in not the only requirement to be King, wisdom is also important. Therefore there is no post or rings for this round.

    Tony comments that he was surprised (by this development) because he had been very successful at the rings.

    Patrick was also surprised and does not know what to expect.

    Madison explains that they will be tested on their jungle knowledge. They will write the answers down on white boards and show her when she asks. If both are wrong or both correct they will go on the next question.

    Question 1: Reticulated pythons are opportunistic and will eat several types of prey, what prey do they feed on mainly?

    Tony answers: small mammals and rodents. Wrong

    Patrick answers: waterfowl. Correct

    Patrick chops and Tony is safe.

    Question 2: What is a female red fox called?

    Tony blanks out.

    Patrick answers: vixen. Correct.

    Patrick chops and Tony is safe.

    Question 3: the egg of an ostrich is incredibly large. One ostrich egg equals how many chicken eggs?

    Tony says 6.

    Patrick says 8.

    Both are wrong. (Itís 24).

    Question 4: Venom that is hemotoxin does what?

    Tony: affects the blood and tissue.

    Patrick: attacks tissue.

    Both are right.

    Question 5: Leopards can run a maximum of what speed?

    Tony and Patrick both answer 30 mph and are correct.

    Question 6: Besides Borneo where else are orangutans found in the wild?

    Both answer Sumatra. Both are correct.

    Question 7: How many species of flamingo exist?

    Tony says 14 or 19 (it is hard to read), Patrick says 8. Both are wrong.

    Question 8: How long is the incubation of cobra eggs?

    Tony says 68 days, Patrick says30 days. Both are wrong.

    Question 9: Chimpanzees are more active during the day than the night. What is this called?

    Both answer correctly, diurnal.

    Question 10: Lions are born with a physical characteristic that disappears with age?

    Both answer, spots Ė disruptive camouflage, both are right.

    Question 11: The average lifespan of the leopard in the wild is?

    Tony says 15 yrs. Patrick says 25 yrs. Tony is correct. Tony chops and wins. He is the new King of the Jungle. He puts on the Kingís amulet. Madison asks him what was the best part. Tony says that when he was the King after the first challenge and he had the entire group sit down and tell something about them selves was the best part for him. Patrick gives Tony his amulets. Tony now has all 12 of the amulets. Patrick leaves the Lionís Pit. At this point Tony asks Madison if anybody is coming back, and she assures him that no one is coming back. Tony then comments that it has been great.

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    I watched Tony's special on Saturday, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Tony was a lot more animated and personable than I expected. He showed a little of what he called his game face during the special and that when I figured it out. Since the KOTJ2 was a competition he had his game face on. He was taking in very seriously and at times he seemed very stiff, here on the special he was very relaxed and really enjoying himself. I admit last years winner's special was nothing exciting but I think they found and excellent format for Tony. They did show a little of Tony's background as an arena football player, his belief in God and his family. We got to see his boa constrictor and his brand new tarantula. He said that he had always been afraid of spiders but after the one episode on the show he got over it and when he got home he purchased one.

    At first I thought the adventure, finding a home for an orphaned Koala and releasing it back into the wild, would be boring but it was not. It was Tony's first trip outside of the United States. The lady from the Koala Society was very outgoing and articulate and presented herself very well. Tony has good social skills and he really interacted well with every one. You could tell he really did like animals in the way he held the koalas. Tony was very lucky to be able to interact with some dingos in a wildlife sanctuary called Dreamland.

    One of the funnier parts was when his guide, The Koala Lady was showing him that koalas are in everyone's backyard and she picked up the koala poop and so did Tony and she broke it open and he inhaled. FYI - Koala poop is some of the best smelling poop there is - it is basically crushed eucalyptus leaves.

    Later we see Tony and his guide in the bush scouting out an ideal location to release little Winnie the koala. Tony and his guide spent several days in the bush trying to find other koalas, there used to be a population of 10 million and it is down to 100,000. At one point they are traveling by camel back through the bush toward the ocean and it is visually a beautiful shot. Later Tony goes on a 4 wheel drive that looked like a lot of fun and later travel upriver by canoe. Eventually, they find a spot to release the koala and do so.

    Tony had a lot of enthusiasm for this project and it showed, we also learned some important facts about saving the koala. In all I enjoyed it very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by libra1022
    Wolf, I just checked my TV listings for ya and I'm seeing the winner's special replaying on Saturday 3pm, Sunday 10pm, and early Monday morning at 1am (all times are EST). Hope one of those is at a good time for you cause I enjoyed the show and hopefully you will as well.
    Thanks Libra. I did enjoy the show. Tony really let loose, and he showed his fun-loving personality. I hope this will jump-start his animal specialist career. I wonder if they also get paid $$ in addition to the winner's special show.

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