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Thread: Extreme Makeover: We are Family 7/20/04

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    Extreme Makeover: We are Family 7/20/04

    Extreme Makeover is show where America’s best surgeons, dentists, trainers and stylists do their magic and transform people’s lives in ways they could never imagine. These lucky people will be offered every tool available to help them capture the image that will change their outlook on life. This week Extreme Makeover is featuring three sisters who all feel they need an overhaul. These women have incredible personalities and each wants the body to match.

    Meet and Greet
    Jennie, the oldest sister at 45, works in a gold mine and the stress of the job has taken away all hint of femininity. She had to be rough and tough just to be accepted at her job. Her sisters say that she is the most feminine of the three but she just feels too masculine. Jennie is a divorced mother of three grown children. Jennie's daughter, Abby, says that everyone is afraid that Jennie will be the lonely bird lady that ends up only chattering away with her parrot. That’s not likely with her bubbly personality.

    Katie is a wallpaper hanger and has always been handy repairing anything broken. Katie says that none of them have ever felt pretty and girlie. She is the self professed bossy sister and hates it when the guys do not pay attention. Katie, 43, is also divorced and has three daughters. Sonja, Katie's daughter, says that she never goes out and spends way too much time with her cats.

    The baby sister, Frannie, is a metal worker who feels like she never really takes care of herself . She has only done what got the job done with no frills. Divorced with one daughter, at age 40 Frannie feels like she is missing out on love and wants a boyfriend at this point in her life. She feels she really could be more feminine and pretty.

    Each one has a large bust and a saggy neck that they want to get rid of as well as a belly that never shaped up after having kids.

    The Surprise
    Extreme Makeover follows the ladies to an art fair and a caricature artist draws them together. He is in on the plan and depicts them as they will look after the makeover and tells them that they are on their way to LA to fulfill their dreams. They are each shocked and thrilled at the chance.

    Erasing the Years
    In LA Dr. Garth Fisher says he can tell that they are sisters as they have many of the same issues with their bodies and need many of the same procedures. He wants to turn back the clock for them. Using the computer loaded with their pictures he shows each of them what they will look like once he tightens up the skin on their necks and each is shocked at how much younger they look with just that one feature altered.

    Each of the ladies will have to lose weight before they go under the knife. To get an accurate measurement of their body fat they, one by one, jump into an egg shaped contraption called the Bod Pod. They find out that they have about the same amount of weight to lose before they are released for surgery.

    Muscle Man
    Michael Thurmond has set them up on a nutrition plan that will optimize their efforts in the gym. The ladies have one last blow out meal before they get down to business with the diet. Each is happy to do what it takes for the best result.

    Katie is off to visit Ava Shamban who is going to get rid of her visible leg veins. She injects the vein with a concentrated salt water that irritates the veins and shuts them down after a couple of weeks.

    An emotional Jennie visits Dr. Maloney to restore her vision. He explains that she is so nearsighted that it will be like a blind person getting her vision back once the procedure is complete. He says that it is actually safer for Jennie to have the surgery rather than to let her vision continue to deteriorate. Immediately following the procedure Jennie jumps out of her chair and screams because she can actually see her watch without glasses.

    Nip and Tuck
    Dr. Fisher starts his first of three days of surgery on these ladies. Frannie, the youngest, is the first to go and she is so glad to have her sisters there to help her along. After surgery Jennie, the oldest, is by her bedside and tells her that she looks ten years younger. Away from Frannie, she reveals that she does not even recognize her sister. Jennie is sick to her stomach after seeing Frannie for the first time. Katie goes into surgery the next day and afterward tells Dr. Fisher that she loves him while the anesthesia wears off. Jennie is nervous but still wants to go through with her surgery and afterward her sisters help her recover. Dr. Fisher says that it has been exhausting operating on these ladies but he is sure they are going to look great.

    A week following the surgery the ladies get the first look at their faces and are each moved by the results.

    Say Cheese
    Now it is Dr. Dorfman's turn to do his magic. He certainly does not disappoint this trio and all three walk out with a bright set of straight teeth. Jennie is the one that is most moved by the results. She has wanted pretty teeth her entire life and her eyes fill with tears at the sight of her new smile. Dr. Dorfman lines them up together so they can get a look at each other. They giggle with delight and end up in a group hug with the doctor.

    Let's See Those High Beams
    It is time for the unveiling of the breasts and bellies with Dr. Fisher. Each of the ladies have dramatic results. None of them knew that they could have a waist again after having kids as elasticity was not in their inheritance. The before and after pictures are amazing.

    Six weeks after surgery the sisters are enjoying their new bodies and looking forward to the possibilities where romance is concerned. They are dreaming of a singles cruise.

    Style by the Mile
    Sam shows up to take the ladies bathing suite shopping. He gives each of them tips about what type of suite will fit each of them best. Sam then hands them a surprise envelope with the tickets to a Carnival cruise. They will actually have their reveal on the ship before they head for deeper waters. All three are shocked that ABC is fulfilling this dream.

    Sam is not done yet. He introduces the sisters to Eduardo Lucero who is going to design a dress for each lady. Eduardo takes advantage of the women's best features.

    At one week until the reveal the ladies are separated and will not get to see the results of the hair and makeup styling until the rest of their family and friends do. What is better than having a blond, redhead and brunette trio of hotties? The ladies love their new hair and makeup.

    The Damage
    Jennie's enhancements include nose job, brow lift , upper and lower eyelid lift, neck lift, face lift, tummy tuck, breast reduction, lasic eye surgery, collagen lip injections, a facial peel, gum grafting, upper and lower galaxy partial dentures and 15 da Vinci porcelain veneers. She lost 29 pounds

    Katie had a brow lift, face lift, upper and lower eyelid lift, neck lift, tummy tuck, left breast reduced and right breast lifted, lasic eye surgery, photo facial, fuller lips and upper lip lengthening, leg vein treatment, upper Galaxy partial dentures and 17 da Vinci porcelain veneers. She also lost 23 pounds.

    Frannie's procedures included nose job, upper and lower eyelid lift, brow lift, face lift, neck lift, tummy tuck, breast lift and reduction, Botox around her mouth and collagen in her lips, facial peel and ruby laser on chest, gum surgery, one root canal, one extraction, lower Galaxy partial dentures and 16 da Vinci porcelain veneers. She lost 29 pounds.

    Bon Voyage
    Eighty family members and friends board the cruise ship to see just how great these three look and send them off in style. Jennie is excited about how much she has changed on the inside as well as outside. Extreme Makeover has changed her mind about the benefits of plastic surgery. As she descends the stairs the crowd erupts in laughter, cheers, and applause. Going from a size fourteen to a size eight really changed her figure and everyone seems to like it. One down, two to go. Katie feels better than she has in a long time. Jennie thinks Katie will be the most delicate of the three. When Katie walks down the stairs and the crowd cheers it takes her a few seconds to recognize Jennie. Jennie is equally as shocked with her sister's transformation. It's Frannie's turn and the crowd is just as revved up for her as for the other two. Frannie walks down the stairs as only a blonde bombshell can and poses over and over for the crowd. After she is done voguing for the group she finally recognizes her sisters. At first she was wondering who that couple of cute girls were and then it dawned on her that they were Jennie and Katie. After the three ladies take a bow and say goodbye to their loved ones the ship leaves the dock for an adventure the ladies have earned through a life of hard work All three have a huge confidence boost and feel fortunate that they could experience the transformation together. Now they are set to fulfill a new set of dreams.




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    Holy shite! I cannot believe the difference. They all look 20 years younger, but as much as it pains me to say it, they kinda remind me of The Swan ladies b/c they are virtually unrecognizable from the "before" pics, BUT they don't look all "plastic surgeried out", they look nice & normal, but still, they look a little too different from the "before", except maybe for Frannie.

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