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Thread: Best Reality Show

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    The Amazing Race was the first reality television show I really got into. I've been watching it since the first season, on and off initially, then regularly towards the end of the first season. I watched a bit of Survivor Africa as well, but I wasn't a big fan of it. Right now, the only reality television show we get in Brunei is TAR.

    By the way, I don't think I ever mentioned that I did a speech on reality television for my English class. I didn't manage to get through to the semi finals, but it was a rather interesting speech, even though I do say so myself. I won first place in 2001 with a speech on music, then when I speak about something I'm really passionate about now, i.e. reality tv, I don't get in...

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    I've liked "reality tv" ever since Cops debuted on Fox years ago, watched Real World, etc. and Survivor from the start.

    In the summer of 2000 it was the first US seasons of Suvivor and Big Brother that finally sent me to the internet, looking to hook up with others obsessed with reality tv.
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    The 2nd season of Real World was the first "reality" show I got hooked into watching. I watched it faithfully for 2 or 3 seasons, then then during the "London" season, I quit b/c it was sooo boring . Then I started watching it again during the "Chicago" season, & watched about 1/2 of the "Las Vegas" season before I just couldn't take it anymore! I doubt I'll watch this show anymore. Back when it first started airing, I was the same age as what they cast for, but now I'm older & the cast stays the same age. I just can't relate to the characters anymore.

    Now Survivor is my reality show of choice. I also watch American Idol. I watched the Bachelor 1 & 2 & the Bachelorette, but not watching this go-round. I'm kinda tired of it. I wish the Mole would come back in it's original format. I didn't watch Celebrity Mole. I want to watch regular people play, not Hollyweirds.

    There's supposed to be a new cable/satellite station that's going to be all reality shows. Some will be new shows, & others will be repeats of Survivor, The Amazing Race, etc. I can't wait b/c I have heard so much about TAR that I really want to see what I missed! Plus I didn't watch S4, so I want to see that too (S3 was so boring, I thought the show was done at that point, but it turned out that it was the setting that made it so boring)

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    Survivor got me hooked. I got in on the last three or four episodes of the first season. I've been religiously addicted ever since.
    Originally posted by holly71
    I can't wait b/c I have heard so much about TAR that I really want to see what I missed!
    Holly, I just read about that reality tv station in another thread, and I'm excited because I've never seen TAR either. Actually didn't know until a few minutes ago that there was more than one season. I've got a lot of catching up to do!

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    I've been on the reality bandwagon since Real World San Fran .... I'd watched the first couple of seasons off and on but then caught up on them in repeats and became totally hooked in until RW Chicago when I pretty much gave up on the MTV shows for good. I was also an avid Road Rules fan up until Australia, that was the last one that I followed faithfully. I'll still watch all the challenges, but they are no longer priority for me, if I see them then cool, but if not no biggie.

    I get picked on for following pretty much every reality show out there, but hey it's all good, I'm still watching! Survivor, AR, AI, Family, Bachelor, Temptation Island, Mole, All American Girl, Mr Personality...you name it and then add all the "reality" decorating shows and I'm tuned in, heck I even bought a 2nd VCR recently just so I could keep up.

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    I was first hooked by Big Brother. I only got a computer shortly before that, and so that show actually led me to my first online chatting of any kind. I wonder how Eddie and his potty mouth are still to this day.

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    When I first heard about Survivor, I had a feeling it'd be lots of fun. I didn't expect it to hook me as hard as it did, but I was proud of myself for deciding up front to record the entire series. My best friend at work, who's an equally rabid Survivor fan, still tells me to this day, "Man, you really saw that one coming before I did. Thanks!"

    Also love TAR, Combat Missions, and Mole. But Survivor's my first reality TV love.
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    Survivor got me hooked from Day 1, I mean, episode 1.

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    Real World Seattle for me.

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    that would be survivor. Watched bits and pieces of Survivor 1 but didnt like it. Until Season 4: Marquesas... as that season had interesting people.
    Then became the Amazing Race 2.
    Then Fear Factor (But only the ones with celebrities)
    Then The Bachelor
    Then American Pop Idol 2--> This has got to be the best reality tv show.

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