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Thread: Best Reality Show

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    my big fat obnioxus fiance

    What a brilliant programme!!!!!! Anyone know where the wedding dress is from?

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    Reality tv fan
    My personal favorites...

    not the best, but I liked them..

    Paradise Hotel
    Temptation Island
    The Bachelor/Bachelorette
    America's Next Top Model
    The Apprentice

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    Texas. Where else?
    I watched the first Real World MTV and like it but I Loved Survivor 1 (and thought Big Bro 1 was stupid-but like it now) and then Survivor 2 with Colby hooked me forever!!! I have to have people Tape every Survivor when I'm out of the country and mail it to me.. Sad huh? But so Sad that I'm thinking of arranging my vacations only when Survivor is not on. And that is difficult since it seems they have a new Survivor 3 times a year now...

    And Joe Schmo Rocks!! I have Never laughed as hard at a tv show as I did during certain episodes of Joe Schmo2...

    Amazing Race is great. As 'was' The Mole BEFORE it became celebrity Mole..

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    The Real World was the forst reality show that I ever came in contact with,but I fave to give Best Reality Show so far....to Survivor!

    It may be losing some of it's charm,but it is the one reality show that got noticed and got everyone talking. It also spawned this wave of reality tv,for better or worse. Surivor 1 laid the groundwork for most of the reality fareon televison right now.

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    My best favorite is Amazing Race, but I also like :
    - American Idol
    - The Apprentice
    - Trading Spouses
    - American Next top model
    - Real World
    The others I just watch for fun

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