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Thread: Worst reality show ever?

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    tina marie
    Married by America was the worst. After I watched it I felt like I needed to take 5 showers!! I enjoy watching messed up people but damn that was tooooo much. BJ 's fragile personality should never have been on that damn show! Shame on the producers. I enjoyed Cupid because I got to mess with the voting. I voted for the worst guy. ( stlaker, Arnold wannabe) Hey that is what they get for letting us choice! We cant even vote for president right. :rolleyes

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    Reality tv fan
    My picks....

    Are you Hot - Downright degrading, and could Lorenzo Lamas be anymore annoying ? :rolleyes :phhht

    The Swan - We already have so many makeover shows, why another one?

    Forever Eden - watched like 2 episodes and got bored.

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    Worst show has got to be The Player......followed closely by Who Wants to Marry my Dad??????

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    FORT Fogey Salome's Avatar
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    The Swan: Not only bad, but immoral. Made me want to take a shower.

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    I'm bacckkk LiVvV's Avatar
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    My favorite worst reality shows ever :
    - The Casino
    - Who Wants to marry my dad
    - Forever Eden
    - Married by America
    - The littlest groom
    - The Ultimatum
    - Who wants to marry a millionaire
    hmm...let me think...well I need to get back to you guys later hehe

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    Worst? Any of the Bachelors.

    Hey! I liked Boot Camp. Winslow's performance during the final challenge was pretty inspiring. And for the record, we did see it again: Celebrity Boot Camp, won by Coolio of all people.

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    Coolio won that too? Sheesh..he won the Celebrity Fear Factor too.

    Worse.. oh boy..so many. Uhhh...very quick-like, I'll elect Forever Eden.
    It was so confusing and twisty, even the producers got confused and decided to end it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllenMishke
    To me, the worst (and most disturbing) reality show is MTV's "I Want a Famous Face." I caught an episode today and don't know if I will ever recover.
    I also never saw that until fairly recently, and I agree it's...very troubling. It reinforces the worst of the worst about makeover shows (a genre that already tends to skim a fine line in terms of ethics/exploitation). At least other shows pretend to be empowering--this just encourages unrealistic standards of beauty--and what's worse? Nobody ever ends up looking a thing like the celebrity in the end!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    The Player (saw previews and looked really stupid)
    Who Wants to Marry my Dad?
    The Littlest Groom (never saw it but looked wrong)
    One Bad Trip & Boiling Points on MTV...those shows annoy me
    I watched a few of I Want A Famous Face shows, they were kind of interesting but who in their right mind is going to look exactly like that celebrity...I just liked to watch the before and after...the during part I can't watch.
    Temptation Island seemed dumb
    Oh...what was that show that the girl was going to marry that ugly dude and she had to convince her folks she was going to marry him to get money? That looked stupid.
    There's probably many more but I can't think of any others right now.

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    viva la bam (dont care how much freinds like it, bam margera f*#king sucks.)

    are you hot (lorenzo lamas wouldent know whats hot if he had his hand on a lit BBQ grill)

    the batchelor (just plain bad)

    every reality show on mtv ever

    the apprentice

    the show with mark cuban (benefactor)

    fear factor (started that horrid eating themed sh*t thats starting to take hold on every reality show (see AR5)

    the next top model (just what we need, another damn show with a bunch of human stickfigures spoonfeeding us their idea of beauty)

    temptation island (sucked.........baaaad)

    the complex malibu (ive seen very little of this show,,,but what i have seen sucked)

    im sure theres more that im forgetting right now........

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